Feast of the Carabinieri 2021, live from the Orlando De Tommaso barracks in Rome – Il Tempo

Feast of the Carabinieri 2021, live from the Orlando De Tommaso barracks in Rome – Il Tempo
Feast of the Carabinieri 2021, live from the Orlando De Tommaso barracks in Rome – Il Tempo

From the “Orlando De Tommaso” barracks in Rome, the ceremony for the 207th Annual of the Foundation

The live streaming from the “Orlando de Tommaso” Barracks of the 207th Annual Foundation Ceremony of the Carabinieri. The Prime Minister Mario Draghi also attended the ceremony.

In a message to the Commander General of the Carabinieri, General Teo Luzi. the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella wrote: “With professionalism and self-denial, the Arma dei Carabinieri has worked, through all its articulations, to counter the health emergency that has affected the life of the country so significantly in the last 15 months. supervision of compliance with measures to contain the spread of the virus, assistance for the most fragile sections of the population, from the delivery of tablets to students for the attendance of remote lessons, to the creation of centers for tampons and for the administration of vaccines the Carabinieri were at the forefront of the numerous services aimed at the distribution of serums and protective devices “. And again: “The specific skills of the Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Health were precious and the work of the Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Labor was also of great importance, which contributed to compliance with the precautionary measures against Covid-19, favoring the resumption of production activities in an adequate safety framework for the health of workers. For the extraordinary commitment and dedication in guaranteeing compliance with the rules set up to safeguard employment relationships, work performance and for the operating results achieved in contrasting the illegal exploitation of workers and the hateful phenomenon of human trafficking, the War Flag of the Carabinieri, to which I pay my respectful homage, was awarded the Gold Medal for Civil Merit. Arma continued its direct commitment to identify and implement effective strategies to combat the various forms of criminal threats, attracted by the profit units also due to the difficulties experienced by the country, engaging all its territorial, mobile, special and investigative components for the protection of legality and citizens’ rights “, continues Mattarella. “The recognized competence and reliability in peacekeeping operations in crisis areas and in the training of local security forces is expressed, once again, in the international missions in which Italy participates. On this 207th anniversary of the foundation of the ‘Weapon, I address a moving thought to all the Carabinieri who have testified with extreme sacrifice their attachment to the homeland and to the institutions and to those who have been injured. To their families I renew the affectionate closeness and gratitude of the Republic. To women and to the men of the Arma, in service and on leave, and to their respective families, the most fervent wishes and gratitude of all fellow citizens. Long live the Carabinieri, long live the Armed Forces, long live the Republic! “, concludes the president of the Republic.

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Feast Carabinieri live Orlando Tommaso barracks Rome Tempo

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