the microphone remained open to the examination by the lawyer-

the microphone remained open to the examination by the lawyer-
the microphone remained open to the examination by the lawyer-

How many have you promoted so far? We can’t promote them all we are low: happened this morning during the exam for the qualification as a lawyer with the candidates of Brescia examined by the commissioners of Lecce. The audio of the meeting of the Apulian commission, two were in the court of appeal, while a third intervened remotely and his own mistake, remained on while discussing the judgment to be given to one of the candidates and all the aspiring lawyers who were in link have listened live to the discussion. Which soon ended up on social media and in particular on Instagram.

The Commissioner who invites colleagues not to promote the candidate is replied: I asked a question on purpose. And another comments: I can ask an insidious question. In the end, the candidate got 18 because the two lawyers stuck the complaint on social media. But during the morning some aspiring lawyers from Brescia failed the test. And yes, up to the other day out of the thirty examined, 26 had been promoted. There are 475 candidates from Brescia who are facing the test for the qualification to the profession, with this new formula – only an oral and nothing written – due to Covid. The Brescia aspirants are examined by the Lecce commission, while the Brescia commission examines the Ancona tests. Everything had gone smoothly so far, but that open microphone created an earthquake. And not just on social media. The Ministry of Justice is carrying out checks on the regularity of the situation.

June 4, 2021 | 19:03



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