“It was all a game.” But now Ciro Grillo and friends risk the trial

“It was all a game.” But now Ciro Grillo and friends risk the trial
“It was all a game.” But now Ciro Grillo and friends risk the trial

The turning point was in the air and came just yesterday afternoon: the Tempio Pausania prosecutor asked for the indictment of Ciro Grillo and his three friends, Francesco Corsiglia, Edoardo Capitta and Vittorio Lauria. The four are challenged for the events that occurred in the hours between 16 and 17 July 2019 in the villa in Cala di Volpe: Silvia (invented name) denounced having been raped against her will, while the Genoese friends believe that the young woman was consenting and participating during sexual intercourse. The preliminary hearing, notified yesterday to the defense lawyers, will be held on 25 June at 2 pm in front of the gup Caterina Interlandi, who will be asked to decide whether to send them to trial.

The attempt by Ciro Grillo

Capitta and Lauria had asked to be heard again in front of the public prosecutors of Tempio Pausania, but in the end they preferred to give up once they learned that the carabinieri of Genoa would be interrogating them. Instead, the son of the guarantor of the 5 Star Movement in recent days has made spontaneous statements to clarify some circumstances. According to what has been learned and reported by The Republic, Grillo jr – in an attempt to distinguish his position – would have liked to point out that he is not the one to appear in the obscene photos: “I’m not the one who did those things to the girl asleep on the sofa, at that moment I went to sleep“An opportunity, he adds The print, to reiterate that Silvia “he was consenting“, that “it was all a game” is that “no one had made her drink“.

The intention of the defenses is to complete their in-depth analysis of the “that“hooked up from the boys’ phones. In this way we want to define the times as precisely as possible since – during those hours – Lauria, Capitta and the girl would have left the house to go and buy cigarettes from a tobacconist.

Social data and wiretapping

The accusations are very heavy: group rapefor forcing Silvia by abusing her conditions of physical and psychophysical inferiority due to alcohol consumption to perform acts of a sexual nature” e sexual violence (contested only to Grillo, Capitta and Lauria) for having “filmed and taken videos and photos with an erotic background to her friend Roberta who was unconscious because she was sleeping“. A fundamental role is also played by what happened in the chats in the following days: shock text messages have sprung up in which we talk about”3 vs 1“in which it is admitted to be”rotten drunk“and to have”made a mess“.

Among the sources of evidence with which the trial of Ciro Grillo and the four friends was asked, there are also “the acquisition and processing of computer data from Facebook, Instagram and social networks regarding the subjects involved through photos, posts and likes“. Then appear”telephone and environmental wiretapping“, “IT and psychological consultancy” e “investigations on the mobile phones of the four suspects, but also of Silvia, the offended party in the proceeding“.


game Ciro Grillo friends risk trial

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