Rome, body found in a suitcase in via Sacco. The companion to the police: “He was dead for days, I got rid of the body”

“He had been dead for several days, I got rid of the body.” So said the partner when the police rang at her door this morning at dawn, asking for an explanation of the dead body found by a passer-by in one suitcase abandoned in via Federico Sacco. It happened to Roma, in zona Sdoor Maria del Soccorso: around 7 am on Saturday 5 June a passer-by sounded the alarm after noticing some blood stains that came out of a suitcase thrown into the street. According to what has been learned, the suitcase was closed with duct tape and had been left next to a car. From a crack the investigators arrived on the spot and glimpsed a human head.

Thus, they followed the traces of blood on the street and arrived at the apartment where the woman lives, who turned out to be the victim’s partner. He told the investigators that it was been dead for several days and that she would only get rid of the body of the man who was identified as a 37-year-old Italian, with a police record. The position of the 39-year-old partner is being examined. The woman reported to the officers that the man had been dead in the house for several days and therefore had decided to get rid of the body.

According to what is learned from investigative sources, the body of the man inside the suitcase was found whole, and the part that came out was covered with a busta. From the first analyzes, it seems that the death took place on Sunday, and in these hours it was ordered the autopsy on the man’s body. Investigators are looking for any registrations made by cameras of video surveillance, in order to clarify if anyone helped the woman to carry the body to the street.

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