Who is Claudio Corona and what connection does he have with the Pipitone case?

Who is Claudio Corona and what connection does he have with the Pipitone case?
Who is Claudio Corona and what connection does he have with the Pipitone case?

The revelations on the case of the child’s disappearance continue Denise Pipitone. After 17 years we return to talk about the Corona family. A witness, in the Rai 3 program “Who has seen it?”, Made the name of Claudio Corona, brother of Anna Corona, entered in the register of suspects. “The whole family is dangerous”, Says the witness, but Claudio denies any accusation.

The investigations into the old case of the disappearance of Denise Pipitone and anonymous witnesses continue to emerge who after 17 years are ready to speak and name. This is the case of Giuseppe (fictional name) which confirms the words of the former prosecutor Maria Angioni.

Angioni speaks of too many “oddities” during the investigations, among which emerges the report of the interrogation of Claudio Corona. According to the former prosecutor, a “protection cord”Towards the Corona family.

Pipitone case: the name of Claudio Corona appears

Maria Angioni, interviewed by Adnkronos, spoke of interrupted investigations, diverted leads and a strange protection around the Corona family. Too many oddities, says the former prosecutor Angioni, such as the report of the brother of Anna Corona, ex wife of Denise Pipitone’s biological father, a certain Piero Pulizzi.

Claudio Corona was heard only months after the start of the investigation and that was his only interrogation. It seems strange, Angioni repeats, given the behavior he had.

In this regard, Maria Angioni stated:

I remember he just replied arrogantly. And whoever took the minutes didn’t go on. He gave a typical answer. ‘And what do I know?’. To be left open-mouthed. A scandalous thing. And that report was closed like this, without any further explanation

To confirm Maria Angioni’s suspicions about Claudio Corona was an anonymous witness invited to speak, with a hidden voice and face, on the Rai 3 program “Chi lui visto?”. To the microphones of the program he declared that he knew the Corona family very closely and that he was aware of the shady deals they were doing with the criminals. “In Mazara almost everyone fears these people, having illicit trafficking these people defend themselves among themselves”Declared Giuseppe (fictitious name).

Claudio Corona, reached by the cameras of “Who has seen it?” has denied everything and reported that there is no reason to be afraid of their family.

Corona family: who is Claudio really?

As in a puzzle, the events of that fateful September 1st 2004 are being diligently reconstructed. It is not easy, many years have passed, but only now some key witnesses are coming forward. Among these also the aforementioned Giuseppe, who admits to having worked for Claudio Corona in his shady business rounds, including machine guns, pistols and various weapons.

Claudio Corona is the brother of Anna Corona, ex-wife of Piero Pulizzi, biological father of Denise Pipitone e Jessica Pulizzi, investigated in 2017 for having commissioned the kidnapping of little Denise, but later acquitted for lack of evidence.

But Claudio is also the brother of Giulio Corona, who died in 1995. The anonymous witness also talks about him:

Giulio Corona he was a bouncer in the clubs of Mazara and Trapani, he had targeted a boy who was regularly beaten, removed from the premises, never let in by Giulio. One evening this boy reacted, there was a fight, the boy got the worst of it and after he came home injured his father took a gun, went to the disco and killed Giulio.

We don’t know much about Claudio Corona, however, we know that in 2012 he was arrested during an anti-drug operation, called “White Tuna“. He bargained and served 3 years in prison. Another particular information is that which refers to an instrument, which “Claudio always held in his hand”Says the witness, who let him know if spy cameras or microphones had been installed in his home or in his car.

To the accusations of the interviewer Claudio Corona he replies that there is no reason to be afraid, but shortly after a man threatens the crew: “We are watching you because sooner or later you have a bad end“, He says. The case, after the statements of the witness and the former prosecutor, still has a lot to tell and the dark passages that led to the kidnapping and disappearance of Denise Pipitone cast an ever greater shadow over the Corona family.

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