the butler who killed Alberica Filo Della Torre returns free after 10 years

the butler who killed Alberica Filo Della Torre returns free after 10 years
the butler who killed Alberica Filo Della Torre returns free after 10 years

Count the days that separate him from his release, Manuel Winston Reyes. The Filipino, butler, murderer of Alberica Filo Della Torre. After just 10 years from the sentence, and 30 years from the killing of the countess, the man will cross the exit gate of the penitentiary to never return there. ‘Il Messaggero’ reports that by reconstructing the whole affair he explains that on 10 October Reyes will have definitively settled his account with the justice system. A justice that had taken twenty years to identify the real responsible for the murder of the woman, which took place on 10 July 1991, in the villa in Olgiata, residential area north of Roma.

The investigators, Il Messaggero recalls, had followed wrong leads, involving the secret services, they had not thoroughly investigated the evidence acquired. And so the killer who could be immediately identified – as in the most classic of yellow – in the butler charged with hatred for being fired, had gone off the radar of investigators to re-enter, and never get out of it again, in the spring of 2011. An investigation reopened thanks to the tenacity of Alberica Filo Della Torre’s husband, Pietro Mattei, who had demanded more accurate DNA analyzes.

Reyes, defended by the lawyer Nicodemo Gentile, was sentenced to 16 years in prison on November 14, 2011, sentence confirmed on October 9, 2012. The former butler therefore benefited from a series of discounts that reduced his sentence. since it will be released in early October.

A torrid sun beats in Rome on the morning of July 10, 1991. Alberica Filo della Torre, 42, is married to Pietro Mattei, a builder. In the elegant villa north of the capital, in Olgiata, they get ready for a party. That evening, the couple wants to celebrate ten years of marriage with friends and relatives. It is a coming and going of men and women busy organizing the reception. But that July 10, 1991, there will be no party. The discovery of the body of Alberica Filo della Torre, in her bedroom, marks the end of a day of celebration that has never begun and the beginning of a detective story, renamed the crime of Olgiata.

A tragedy in which the countess’s children and husband fall. There is no witness who has seen or heard anything. Initially, the suspicions fall on two men, who are stopped, only to be released in a short time. The first is the son of a support teacher who works in the villa, defined as a violent person. The second is a former waiter, the Filipino Manuel Winston Reyes, recently fired because he has a habit of alcohol.

Both are cleared. Here then is that the investigators follow the most suggestive leads, conspiracies, black funds, secret services, misdirection, billionaire foreign accounts and bribes. The truth is simpler. And it’s around the corner. Perhaps no one would have paid for the murder of the countess if her husband, Pietro Mattei, had not stubbornly pushed the investigators not to let go. It was he who reopened the investigation in 2007. A bloodstain on the sheet with which the murderer had wrapped the woman many years earlier and the countess’s Rolex stained with blood are the two proofs that prove that the former butler , thanks to the DNA test, he is the killer. “I’m taking off a burden I’ve been carrying around for twenty years,” said Manuel Winston after his arrest. In early October he will be a free man again.

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