Three arrests, 10 reported, maxiblitz: Agorà collapses, the cooperative system crumbles

Three arrests, 10 reported, maxiblitz: Agorà collapses, the cooperative system crumbles
Three arrests, 10 reported, maxiblitz: Agorà collapses, the cooperative system crumbles

Arezzo, June 5, 2021 – The cooperative system built around the consortium that everyone in Arezzo knows as Agorà collapses like a sand castle, perhaps the most important in the field of management in the social and health field, with an “empire” of assisted residences, above all for the elderly, branched throughout the province but also in other parts of Tuscany, in the Marche, in Lombardy, in Piedmont and even in the distant Friuli.

Eight hundred employees who are now at risk, hundreds of hospitalized. It collapses with the arrest of the de facto dominus of this conglomerate in the hands of a few if not just one, Daniele Mazzetti, 60 years old from Castelfocognano, already on other occasions ended up involved in investigations, handcuffs and trials. He collapses with the house arrest of the two people closest to him, the Bibbienese accountant Alessandro Corsetti of the same age, and Letizia Beoni, 48, president of the Agora of Italy, now Reses.

Collapses with the ban requested for 5 other suspects, among which the excellent Roberto Vasai, former president of the Province, special prosecutor of the consortium, stands out. The accusation for all is of criminal association aimed at tax evasion and other crimes against the public administration. An earthquake, the end of a giant of which it is disputed that he had accumulated tax debts (with fraud) and contributions with employees for about 25 million, a huge amount.

In reality, the Agorà system had been creaking for years and perhaps for this reason the name din Reses had recently been changed, based no longer in Arezzo but in Magione. In the scheme of the prosecutor Roberto Rossi, who inherited the investigation from his colleague Andrea Claudiani, and which was essentially made by the Gip Fabio Lombardo, to whom the precautionary custody order is due, it was Agorà d’Italia (later Reses) which it collected the contracts in the Arezzo area and around Italy, only to then entrust them to the affiliated co-ops that often changed dramatically, old acronyms that bequeathed the pulp to the new ones but were held until bankruptcy or tax debts were liquidated.

Both the figureheads to whom the positions fell and who had nothing more to lose. Like Aniello Sequino, owner of a bar in Capolona and the last fictitious president, as he himself admitted, of Residenze per Anziani di Stia, another coop that was killed. The first sinister signal arrives for Agorà in 2017, when one of the executives who sees a notice of closing investigations for tax evasion rain on him decides to tell how the system worked.

He will then be acquitted but his j’accuse is precise: in essence, he says, Mazzetti decided everything by himself, at most with the help of his partner. The others had jobs but they didn’t count for anything and didn’t know anything. It is on this basis that in November 2019 the wiretaps for Mazzetti, Vasai and others are triggered. Also because in the meantime another tile has arrived: the Municipality of Bibbiena reports an undue attempt to compensate the additional income tax due with non-existent credits.

Finance gets to work, the result is the verminaio described by the Gip Lombardo in his ordinance: coops that are born and die, but always under the control of Mazzetti, employees who claim the severance pay in the passage from one company to another but see each other threatened with dismissal: accept and suffer, the rule of the true director, already involved more than ten years ago in the trial for the tender of the Usl heat in which he was sentenced to 4 years 4 months for corruption and then arrested in 2011 in a investigation by the prosecutor of Pescara. He had always come out of it. And this time?

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