Single check starting from July On average one thousand euros per family

Single check starting from July On average one thousand euros per family
Single check starting from July On average one thousand euros per family

The Council of Ministers approves the decree containing the single allowance for families with children from zero to 18 years. The measure already defined as “epochal” by Draghi aims to reverse the trend of births and the collapse of the Italian population. «It is an important day for the whole country, families have been waiting for it for a long time and thanks to the concreteness of President Draghi it has arrived. It is a political choice that marks a new path for Italy: we invest in the new generations », Elena Bonetti, the Minister for the Family, who strongly wanted the measure, told the newspaper.

For now it is a “bridging check” for six months, from 1 July to 31 December, but from 1 January 2022 it will be permanent, universal and integrated into the welfare system. The aid, for now, will be destined to the self-employed and unemployed – until now excluded from family allowances, unlike employees – and will concern about 1.8 million potential beneficiaries according to government estimates, in which about 2.7 millions of minor children.

The average benefit is € 1,056 per household and € 674 per child. The allowance will be paid on the basis of the ISEE, which must not exceed 50 thousand euros, and the number of minors. The amount of the allowance is identical for the first and second child, the maximum monthly amount doubles to 335 euros for families with 2 children, but more than triples to 653 euros per month for families with 3 children. For example, with an Isee of up to 7 thousand euros, you are entitled to a check of 167.5 euros per child in families with up to 2 minors. But the figure rises to 217.8 with at least three children. In fact, from the third child there is an increase of 30 percent, while in the case of disabled children the allowance will always be increased by 50 euros.

“So we want to immediately give concrete help to the unsecured, to those who have suffered the most from the pandemic. An important acceleration that the government has strongly wanted to give to a strategic measure that will be a reality for everyone starting from January 2022 – says the Minister for Regional Affairs Mariastella Gelmini – Families must be supported with determination: after the GDP we must go back to making the birth rate also grow ». Minister Di Maio also rejoices: “A reform that will leave its mark, which supports the growth and restart of our families”. Those who pay taxes in Italy or who have been resident there for at least 2 years can access the benefit. Italian and EU citizens are admitted, as well as holders of residence permits for work or research purposes at least every six months.

The measure is compatible with citizenship income: it is about two million families who will also be able to benefit from the allowance. About half of the 3 billion available to finance the new provision would go to them. INPS will pay the allowance but will subtract from the theoretical amount due to the allowance the share of citizenship income relating to minor children who are part of the family unit.

Even families of employees who already receive family allowances will receive an extra: an increase ranging from 37.5 euros for each child to families with up to two children to 70 euros per child with at least three children. From 2022 everyone will be able to access it without distinction.

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