The «Mulino Bianco» goes to auction. Here Tornatore shot the spot that made Italy dream –

The «Mulino Bianco» goes to auction. Here Tornatore shot the spot that made Italy dream –
The «Mulino Bianco» goes to auction. Here Tornatore shot the spot that made Italy dream –

was one of the most visited places in Italy. Over 13 million people for a simple old stone colored building that everyone has always seen white. From 50 to 200 people every day for a mill that is not even signaled by road signs but which has exercised a stronger appeal than that of the sublime abbey of San Galgano, two kilometers away. This is thanks to a commercial and a place that – in many ways – does not physically exist but the symbol of a model of life. Now, that mill, star of the famous Mulino Bianco commercial directed in the 90s by Giuseppe Tornatore on the notes orchestrated by Ennio Morricone for Barilla’s most iconic product, will be auctioned in October.

The auction

The Judicial Sales Institute of Siena has set the basic price of the auction at just over one million euros: the minimum bid to win the Mulino Bianco in the Luriano wood, near Chiusdino (near Siena) 831,204 euros and 89 cents. Very little for a place dreamed of by millions of Italians. It has become a farmhouse of the Belli Burchianti family complete with a swimming pool and shaved lawns, a restaurant, a dozen rooms, a tower and a museum part where the tools to produce electricity are kept thanks to the mill wheel and the millstones to work the cereals.

Symbol of an era

The shovels of the Mulino Bianco began to turn in 1975. The Italians found on the shelves of the supermarket the first packages of Mulino Bianco shortbread biscuits, with biscuits with names and shapes that evoke the nostalgia of past times and peasant atmospheres. It is a brand, designed by Gi Rossi with the collaboration of Cesare Trolli, with a strong symbolic charge, a synthesis of immediately perceptible values ​​and meanings. Only 15 years after the birth of that mill materialized in the commercials and on the packaging of the products through a stylized design, we go in search of a physical place that is the same as the one imagined. And this Sienese structure was chosen and then painted completely in white, a symbol of the break with the chaotic rhythms of urban life and industrialization. Gianni Quaranta, Oscar winner for the scenography of the film Camera con vista, takes care of the renovation of the Mill, obtaining a magical place, an extraordinary environment. The commercials are made by professionals of great caliber such as Giuseppe Tornatore and Ennio Morricone.

A communicative revolution

the first case in Italy in which a physical place, Chiusdino, is chosen to promote a product. Indeed, that a brand is transformed into a physical place. A true communication revolution. From an archaic peasant world we pass to a family that goes to live in an ancient mill, really white. The mother teacher, the papal journalist, the two children and the grandfather: the Famiglia del Mulino represents the everyday life of an Italian family, an imaginary place that is real and is now in search of new life. The pilgrims of the happy family just have to wait and, to put it to Barilla, don’t stop looking for what makes us happy.

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