“I got rid of the body”

“I got rid of the body”
“I got rid of the body”

Shock discovery, in the east of the capital. “Bloodstains were leaking“. This is what an Atac driver noticed that he has found the corpse of a man in a suitcase on the street in Rome. The alarm went off just before 7 in via Federico Sacco, in the Pietralata district, when the driver contacted 112.

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The partner: “I got rid of the body”

The policemen followed the traces of blood on the asphalt, until they reached an apartment where a 39-year-old Italian woman, companion of the victim, admitted that the man had been dead for days at home and that she would get rid of the body herself. On the spot the mobile team, the investigations are underway. The woman explained that her partner, also Italian, 37 years old, with a previous drug addict, had died on Monday from an overdose and not knowing what to do took the body and locked it in a suitcase.

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Suitcase closed with tape

She, about 50 kg, he about ninety: the investigators think that the woman did not do everything by herself, but that she was helped. The suitcase was taped closed and had been left next to a car. From a crack the investigators arrived on the spot and immediately glimpsed a head.

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