Insigne takes Italy, Naples wants explanations: what a storm

Usually the opposite happened: praised at home and criticized in the national team, where not everyone looked favorably on him wearing the number 10 shirt but for Lorenzo Insigne the world turned upside down in a few days. With Italy’s Mancini is becoming more and more leader and protagonist (yesterday assists and goals against the Czech Republic on his 30th birthday) while in Naples they are still wondering what happened on the evening of Naples-Verona when the captain and his companions threw the qualification in the Champions League with an unspeakable proof.

Since that day, the Napoli fans have not yet fully recovered from the disappointment but above all they are waiting for clarifications and explanations, never arrived and not only due to the press blackout of the club. Uncontrolled rumors are circulating about alleged mutinies for non-awards granted by de Laurentiis and anger grows to see how Insigne has instead dragged Italy back to being the champion it is.

Napoli fans offended with Insigne

After the test against Italy the reactions on social media flooded: “There had been one of our alleged champions who had at least apologized to the fans after Verona. Only goodbye messages to the poet of 4-1-5, smiles and commitment to the national teams … Quaquaraquà “or even:” I don’t care that Badge it was the best in Italy yesterday… After Verona I disgusted them ALL ”, or:“ Race, desire, commitment, all seasoned with a lot of technique: great performance by Insigne. Too bad with the wrong blue “.

Napoli does not forgive: “Is Insigne the same as he played in Napoli a few weeks ago against Verona?” or also: “But do you want to see that Insigne had a memory lapse a few weeks ago? … he had scurdato comme se jucava or football”, or: “if he had committed himself against Verona, Napoli would be in Champions“.

The web is merciless: “All this, including the great season, highlight something bad and scandalous that happened that Sunday evening there!” or also: “And that they had passed with Verona? I’m waiting for explanations “and again:” With Verona instead he was on vacation, the captain !! ” and finally: “Eh well, you know, here he had not taken fines (here, if you foment a mutiny, go out of your way…)!

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Insigne takes Italy Naples explanations storm

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