Milan, 5 June 2021 – A balance of the past year, certainly challenging given the prolongation of the Covid-19 emergency, but also a look to the future with the commitment to be protagonists in the reform process of the Lombard social and health system and an ambitious goal , but within reach, that is, the self-sufficiency of plasma within the next two years. These are the main themes dealt with in the 50th Avis Lombardia Regional Assembly. Assembly, which for the second year, was held online in compliance with anti-covid regulations, so as to ensure a wide participation of the members.

The meeting, in which the 2021 Forecast Budget was presented and approved, was an opportunity to take stock of highly topical issues such as the reform of the Lombard social and health system, now more urgent than ever. “Avis Regionale Lombardia wants to be an active part and protagonist of the health reform process, in particular on the issue of the transfusion system, which must increasingly be based on programming and planning, enhancing the fundamental role of the third sector” he explained during the Assembly, the President of Avis Regionale Lombardia, Oscar Bianchi. “Precisely on this issue we requested a meeting with the Councilor for Welfare Letizia Moratti, which we hope will happen soon, so that our requests are taken into consideration in the reform plan of the Lombard social and health system now under discussion at regional tables”

Hence the commitment to work for the efficiency of the system and the recognition of the Avis organizational model, with the proactive involvement of the association because – continued Bianchi – “Avis Lombardia is a subsidiary of the regional health service, with a fundamental role: we have an audience of 275 thousand associates, in continuous increase and an efficient and structured healthcare / associative system. The pandemic has highlighted our skills and strength. The next challenge? Self-sufficiency of plasma: the real goal is to reach 100% within the next two years ”.

In addition, the training courses promoted by Avis Academy, the Higher Education school and flagship of Avis Regionale Lombardia, which allows young people to get to know the Avis world through moments of learning and training, continue. Also in the pipeline is AvisNet, the computerized program on which Avis Regionale Lombardia is working and which will allow you to have all the important data such as suitability, suspensions, reports and notices of donors in a single regional database. There are also numerous initiatives and promotion and awareness campaigns launched in 2020 and early 2021, characterized by the digital format such as “Lofaccioper” with testimonial Ilaria Crotti, “Plasma more precious than gold” in collaboration with Anci Lombardia and Anci Salute to promote the donation of Plasma and Plasmaiperimmune, “Vacciniamoci” aimed at sensitizing the population to Covid vaccination.

“In these four years of mandate, we have tried, in the many projects put in place, to bring attention to the value of donors and their gesture, which even in the darkest months of the pandemic has failed. In this year we have felt helpless in the face of something bigger than us, but the whole Avis team, donors, association leaders, Avis staff and all volunteers have shown true value, responding to emergencies and adapting to changes. My heartfelt thanks go to all of them ”concluded Bianchi.

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