That cataclysm in the Democratic Party that is overwhelming (and sinking) Letta

That cataclysm in the Democratic Party that is overwhelming (and sinking) Letta
That cataclysm in the Democratic Party that is overwhelming (and sinking) Letta

There is a reality of the facts that is now under everyone’s eyes: the center-left is in trouble and risks being swept away by the center-right in a humiliating way. The low numbers of Leu and the disappointing consensus for the 5 Star Movement are not enough: Enrico Letta he knows very well that the Democratic Party is in free fall and that, continuing on this path, the risks of being able to soften the landing are very few. Thus the Giallorossi allies have in their hands a ball of fire in view of the next Administrative elections: between September and October very important cities will be called to vote (Bologna, Milan, Naples, Rome and Turin), whose results will inevitably have a reflection on the national political scenario.

The risk flop

From the latest survey by Antonio Noto for Door to door came a blow for the Pd: the overtaking made by the Brothers of Italy is practically established, leading to second place in the surveys and detaching the dem Which, on the other hand, occupy the third slot with 18% and must beware of the grillini at 16%. In particular, however, there is a concern about the upcoming territorial consultations: the Democratic Party fears a resounding flop in the suburbs. Letta, however, can count on the support of the former Nicola Zingaretti, who in the meantime has come forward to collaborate and extend a hand to his successor to the Nazarene: “I think it is a very difficult moment and this party is struggling in a complex political situation. As far as I can I help Enrico carry out this battle“.

The disorientation in the Democratic Party

However, there is a basic problem: Letta’s Democratic Party just can’t get off the ground. A fatigue also found within the Democratic Party, where people even start talking about “crisis“The secretary’s proposals were often promptly rejected by the premier Mario Draghi: so the feeling is that Letta’s agenda is not exactly symmetrical to that of the government. Which, Marco Antonellis points out on Italy Today, could result in a noticeable loss in the weight of the DEMs within the coalition.

The former prime minister’s anxiety is dictated by the fact that the party’s big names could destabilize him: the silence of Dario Franceschini and the opening of Goffredo Bettini to the referendums on justice promoted by Lega and Radicali cannot go unnoticed. The showdown could be closer than you think: a defeat in Rome could have devastating effects on the Democratic Party. A result that could mean Enrico Letta’s farewell to the Nazarene. In fact, as anticipated by Stefano Iannaccone on, if Roberto Gualtieri does not get to the ballot it would be the end of the Latvian leadership.


cataclysm Democratic Party overwhelming sinking Letta

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