where are we and what autumn awaits us?

Italy: the Covid it seems to really loosen its grip, as vaccinations march apace.

On the day the news of 600,000 administrations of doses in just 24 hours in the country, the scenarios seem to be optimistic for the next few months.

Prudence will still have to accompany us according to Locatelli, president of the Higher Health Council and coordinator of the Cts. However, we are at the turning point: what fall will be in Italy on the front Covid?

Covid in Italy: there is a turning point, what autumn to expect?

The vaccination campaign in full swing is paying off. This was confirmed by Locatelli in an interview with The Republic:

“If we are at the turning point? I would say yes. I have always been cautious, but by now the data are consolidated in the direction of a very marked one reduction of new cases and that’s what matters most, of serious or fatal forms of Covid “

In detail, the cumulative incidence of cases per 100,000 inhabitants is 32 and there were only 22 admissions to intensive care on June 4. Resuscitations the Covid sufferers are 836, clearly down from 3,700 in April.

In addition, the deceased are keeping below the 100 per day threshold. In general, the curve is constantly decreasing, as confirmed by Brusaferro of the ISS. Who also repeated that there is a decrease at the European level.

If the vaccination budget is also added to this picture, then optimism is strengthened. Currently the 40% of the population received a dose of the vaccine and the 21% the entire course of administration. Furthermore, the inoculations are keeping variants at bay, preventing severe forms of the disease.

For this, Locatelli did not hesitate to foresee a Autumn completely different from that of 2020. Last year the infections started to grow again after the summer.

Now, however, with the reasoned risk “That it was not as weak as some had assumed” – said Locatelli – the first fruits can be reaped.

Autumn will be crucial to conclude the vaccination campaign, with schools opening and full return to featured activities.

Special observed summer in Italy

Not only in Italy, throughout Europe and in the main nations forward with the vaccinations the focus is on summer.

In our country it is starting to open again, even if the discos remain closed for the month of June (news are expected). The desire to leave, move, go to clubs and friends is great, but letting your guard down now would be fatal.

Green pass and basic precautions will have to protect us. Locatellli recalled, for example, that on the mask: “A gradual journey will have to be made, starting from outdoor contexts, where there are lower risks of contagion, and then moving on to indoors. We still wait a month, a month and a half. Within half July we will also address this aspect “

In short, to have a different autumn from 2020, summer behaviors will be fundamental. What to expect in Italy on the front Covid? The gradual return to normalcy.

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