Waste emergency, Rome submerged in garbage already in 10 days. And the capital engulfs Lazio

Waste emergency, Rome submerged in garbage already in 10 days. And the capital engulfs Lazio
Waste emergency, Rome submerged in garbage already in 10 days. And the capital engulfs Lazio

The waste emergency situation in the capital is worse than expected. The Region and the Municipality have left the table with the Government with nothing, but with the awareness that Rome could be submerged in garbage even before 30 June. The landfill of Sogliano Ambiente in Emilia Romagna could in fact stop receiving waste from the capital starting from June 15 and not by the end of the month, with immediate effects for urban hygiene. More: the landfills of Viterbo and Civitavecchia, those that in Lazio receive the waste of Rome, could, precisely because of the capital – not structured to close the waste cycle in its territorial area, as prescribed by the regional plan -, see empty spaces respectively within six and one month. Hence the alarm that from the city of Rome would extend to the entire region which at that point would no longer have outlets.

The Municipality: “We put them in the Colosseum”

A darker than expected picture that did not, however, lead to milder advice from the Municipality of Rome, which remained steadfast in its positions. According to the report of the meeting reported byagency SAY, the Capitol allegedly insisted on the absence in its own territory of areas suitable for the construction of these plants, up to the provocative joke: “We put them in the Colosseum”. A joke that would have aroused the not-so-smiling reaction of those present.

… but for Rome there is little to laugh about

Little to laugh about because, as recalled by the ministry technicians, two infringement procedures hang over Italy’s head on the failure of the city to achieve the separate collection objectives (65%) (currently according to Ama at 47%), which in addition fines and an increase in refusals to dispose of, could also entail damage to the tax authorities for the managers responsible for the matter. Furthermore, continuing to fill the two active landfills in Lazio (Viterbo and Civitavecchia) with Rome’s waste would lead to the collapse of the entire regional waste system within half a year, because the Tuscia disposal plant would run out of volumes in six months and that of Civitavecchia even in a month.

The broadsides to the pentastellata management

But the ministry of ecological transition has reserved another broadside for the five-star waste management of Rome. Rome has been called upon to put its utmost commitment on separate collection, achieve the EU recycling objectives, implement the Ama industrial plan by aiming first and foremost to build the two composting plants authorized by the Region (Cesano and Casal Selce) and avoid concentrating only on Tmb plants, which have obsolete technology and produce waste to be disposed of and incinerated. We remind you that the councilor Ziantoni, Raggi and the sole administrator of Ama Zaghis are in recent weeks underlining the intention of having two additional TMBs available, one to be built and one to be purchased. Five-star actors who base the goodness of their industrial plan on these plants. Plan that, according to the Raggi administration, is enough to close the waste cycle of the capital.

What the Region will have to do

The ministry has called all the actors in the field to institutional responsibility, in essence to talk to each other, and to carry out all the necessary actions to avoid infringement procedures. The Region will also have to do its part, providing the dicastery in via Colombo with the list of plants currently in operation and those authorized and the map of the waste flows, while to the Metropolitan City of Rome it will send the cartography of the new Ptpr in order to verify the existence of white areas available within the capital for the location of the plants that Rome needs, especially now to avert a new waste emergency.

Rome and the landfill in Magliano Romano

And at the exit from the summit, through the agencies, the Campidoglio filtered the indiscretion according to which the Metropolitan City of Rome, that is the former Province led by the mayor Virginia Raggi, could accelerate the process for the identification of a new landfill: the most accredited hypothesis is to build it in Magliano Romano. “The Lazio Region must do its part in the short term – however, the mayor said to her followers – and reopen the Colleferro and Roccasecca landfills, as well as increase the contributions to the Civitavecchia and Viterbo landfills”. The Metropolitan City of Rome would proceed with a rapid drafting of the provincial waste plan (after the Region has sent new maps indicating the constraints on the territory): here the areas where it is possible to create landfills would be indicated and the most accredited is in Magliano Romano, the subject of an authorization procedure already initiated.

Because in Rome there is a new waste emergency and what is needed (urgently) to get out of it

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