“Salvini said so”, “No, Draghi” – Libero Quotidiano

“Salvini said so”, “No, Draghi” – Libero Quotidiano
“Salvini said so”, “No, Draghi” – Libero Quotidiano

Moments of embarrassment in the studio from Lilli Gruber, where the presenter found herself correcting Paolo Mieli which in turn corrected her. It all began in the episode of June 4th when a Half past eight there was talk of the center-right federation proposed by Matteo Salvini. Among the hypotheses on the table of La7 guests, the one that the leader of the League wanted to put in a corner Giorgia Meloni in view of the administrative elections. Nothing could be more wrong, however, for the former director of the Corriere della Sera who thundered: “It makes no sense to talk about it, the vote is still far away. “But this is not the only moment of friction.

Shortly after, Mieli recalled a few words from Mario Draghi on the end of the legislature, phrases that for Gruber had been uttered by Salvini. “Salvini, not Draghi”, interrupted the presenter, “No Salvini, Draghi” replied Mieli in turn. The reference that triggered the question and answer was the sentence pronounced by the number one of the Carroccio who expressed himself thus: “We will accompany Draghi until the end of the term, in a year and a half. I hope it goes on as much as possible, it is giving new energy and hope for Italy. If I think of Conte and the wheeled benches, it seems to me that the world has changed “, were Salvini’s words to Half past eight. The same that Gruber claimed, while Mieli reminded her that Draghi would also express his will in this regard. In short, a small out-of-program solved shortly after.

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Salvini Draghi Libero Quotidiano

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