Veneto in the white zone, rules and what can be done. Farewell to the curfew

Veneto in the white zone, rules and what can be done. Farewell to the curfew
Veneto in the white zone, rules and what can be done. Farewell to the curfew

No access limit to the free beach except the distance (photo Errebi)

Is there still a curfew? No. In the white zone the curfew abolished.

Do I have to justify moving to another white region like Friuli Venezia Giulia? No. You can move for any reason and at any time of day or night

Can I move to other regions that are left in yellow? Yes, but I must remember that in the yellow regions the curfew continues from 11pm to 5am.

Do I still have to keep the mask? Yes, the mask should be worn both outdoors and indoors except when I am sitting at a table in a bar or restaurant and when I am doing intense motor activity.

Are spacing and hand sanitation still recommended? S

How many people at the table in restaurants? You are indoors, no limits outdoors.

Can I help myself at the buffet? No. It is allowed to use the buffet only in the presence of the dining room staff serving the dishes. Customers can touch the products only if packaged or presented with the single-portion formula.

Do I always have to wear a mask at the bar and restaurant? Before sitting down, always. It should always be worn even when I go to pay the bill at the cashier or use the toilets.

Are there any time limits? No

Are arcades and bingo halls open? And the casinos? S.

Are the amusement parks open? Yes, within the limits of the authorized capacities.

Can baptisms, communions, confirmations or weddings be celebrated? Yes, but you must show the “Green pass”: certificate of vaccination (complete or 15 days after the first dose), recovery from Covid. Or negative swab performed 48 hours before the event.

Can I invite a live band to the wedding? And can I dance? Yes, but the audience must be at least three meters away. And to dance each guest should have two square meters available indoors.

But can I organize a party in a club? Yes, if I limit those present to the number of people indicated in the capacity of the room and if people do not serve themselves at the self service. Otherwise only single portions should be offered.

Is it possible to use showers and changing rooms? Gyms and swimming pools, indoors and outdoors, can be used. As well as the changing rooms. And the showers. The limits of the people present at the same time in the structure remain.

Are spas and wellness centers open? S.

Can I go to the stadium? Stadiums and sports halls can accommodate spectators for events related to sport or music up to a maximum of 25% of the capacity.

Are the discos open? Yes, but inside you can’t dance. Reason why almost all of them will remain closed. Those licensed to deliver food and drink can open.

But, then, what cannot be done in the white zone? Dancing in the disco, being without a mask and not keeping the distance.

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Veneto white zone rules Farewell curfew

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