leak of news from the summit on the federation – Libero Quotidiano

leak of news from the summit on the federation – Libero Quotidiano
leak of news from the summit on the federation – Libero Quotidiano

Silvio Berlusconi reappears on Zoom for a vertex of Come on Italy and relaunches the hypothesis of a federation with the League. Berlusconi begins by saying that the federation with the League “it is a proposal to be evaluated with great attention”. Favorable Anna Maria Bernini, Giorgio Mulé, the head of the departments Alessandro Cattaneo. The number 2 of the party, Antonio Tajani, applauds, but points out that any transformation of Fi cannot ignore a non-secondary role of the party and its leader. On the other hand, the ministers Gelmini and Carfagna are opposed. The first explains, “that an operation of this kind could turn into a sort of annexation of Fi that risks bringing the funeral of Forza Italia closer”. Carfagna points out that, if such a position is transferred externally, “another fifty parliamentarians risk going away”.

A hypothesis that triggers Bernini: “This is a Mafia warning!”. “Don’t exaggerate, I know the mafia well”, replies Carfagna. “And I am not, fortunately”, the rejoinder of the group leader in the Senate. But now the party is divided: on the one hand the pro-League, on the other the supporters of the liberal-moderate wing or the perplexed, “a small group that includes other parliamentarians such as Gasparri and Giacomoni, the leader of the young Marco Bastetti. But it should also be included in this circle Gianni Letta, who yesterday before the summit expressed by telephone to the former prime minister his distrust of a too close feeling with the League “, writes Repubblica.

According to the Cavaliere’s plan, the federation with the League would have a strength that would become the most consistent and would give the League secretary a golden share in the majority that Draghi supports. The organization chart is already defined: Berlusconi honorary president, Salvini secretary, group leaders Molinari and Bernini. Giorgia Meloni observes: “I don’t believe in cold castings”. “We are not at the end of season sales, Forza Italia cannot waste its treasure of votes and sell off its history”, says the Sicilian senator instead Gabriella Giammanco. And Renato Schifani, former president of Palazzo Madama and Berlusconi’s political advisor, remained silent.

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