Rome, at 95, risks eviction from public housing: the history of the ..

Rome, June 5 – We are in Rome where at 95 you can risk being evicted from a council house. This is the case – with a host of political controversies – of Mrs. Lea who for fifty years has lived in a public house in the municipality of Largo Veratti, in the San Paolo area.

Rome, at 95, risks eviction

The 95-year-old woman from Rome recently received a notice of release of the property (or eviction) from the Housing Policies department. And this despite the fact that she has always paid the rent regularly According to the councilor for housing policies Valentina Vivarelli, it is the fault of “administrative irregularities that have persisted over the years”. This case has obviously sparked indignation and controversy.

Blood of Aeneas Ritter

Blood of Aeneas Ritter

Vivarelli (Municipality): “It can present an amnesty”

“There will be no eviction” Vivarelli rushed to say “I want to clarify that it is a communication of the opening of the procedure due to administrative irregularities that have persisted over the years. Ms. Lea can still submit an application for amnesty within the deadline of May 28, 2021 using the form that you or a family member can find on the institutional website of Roma Capitale.“.

Giorgia Meloni: “We will present an interview”

But for the leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, this answer would not offer any: “Listen to the story of Lea, 95, whom the Municipality of Rome would like to throw out of the house after the lady has lived there, always paying what due, for 50 years. An unprecedented shame for which the Brothers of Italy has already started a battle in the city council ”. A question is therefore announced.

But the Municipality says to “follow the case” …

Vivarelli is not there and talks about the “electoral campaign on the most fragile” on the case of Mrs. Lea. “His situation is constantly monitored by the department”, he assures. How had his case been dealt with before, that is, by risking eviction to a 95 year old woman? Let’s hope that things change (and perhaps the cameras in his case have served to awaken some conscience).

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Rome risks eviction public housing history

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