a campaign also in Milano- Corriere.it

a campaign also in Milano- Corriere.it
a campaign also in Milano- Corriere.it

Dear Slaves,
on the day of the environment comes the news of the start of a deserving awareness campaign to avoid the abandonment of cigarette butts on the ground launched by Assomozziconi (never heard of before but we hope a precious ally in the future), the Tobacconist Federation and Assorecuperi. The initiative started in Florence, in the presence of the council, demonstrating the sensitivity of the Municipality, but is added to others promoted by some tobacco multinationals, SMEs and Bat first of all, in various Italian cities. Among these, none from Lombardy, not even Milan, where a few million cigarette butts left on the ground every day are estimated. This column began several years ago to raise awareness among the Milanese on the danger of this uncivilized gesture that falls on the environment and on ourselves, hoping for interventions by the administrations and municipal companies in charge of waste disposal, but nothing has yet been seen. Yet the Municipality of Milan was among the first in Italy to adopt a direction for environmental transition. I remember that the 2017 decree, in addition to the sanctions for those who throw cigarette butts on the ground, provides that the Municipalities install a network of bins for the collection of butts of smoking products in the streets, in parks as well as in places of high social aggregation, signaling their location and their correct use. Several European cities have been doing this for years and now even some Italian towns, including nearby Crema, Alghero in Sardinia and Capannori in Tuscany, have begun to install special collectors and even start recycling processes of smoking waste that it is good to remember being the most spread to the world. A question arises spontaneously: when will something move also in Milan?
Piero Oldani

Dear Oldani,
we wish the anti-bill campaign in Florence: a signal also for Milan, which should always be in the front row on the civic sense. Instead, he hesitates, postpones, perhaps thinks of other strategies for environmental transition. Yet, as someone said yesterday, we need these little signs of civilization, because they educate and change bad habits. To make things happen, from the campaign on cigarette butts to the campaign against the dirt walls, we must insist at the cost of being unpleasant, but since half of Italy is moving in the direction of changing gestures, I believe that Milan will also play its part.

June 5, 2021 | 09:30



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