Rome, they mock an autistic boy and throw him eggs, then they apologize: “We will visit him every week”

Rome, they mock an autistic boy and throw him eggs, then they apologize: “We will visit him every week”
Rome, they mock an autistic boy and throw him eggs, then they apologize: “We will visit him every week”

«Let’s start again from here, get up Matteo lazy, come on the world outside is waiting for us». It is a phrase full of love that today mom Sara gives to her son, reassuring him He, an autistic boy who lives on the outskirts of Rome, from now on he will be able to leave the house without fearing anything or anyone. The memory of the ugly episode that occurred on the evening of June 2 when the two were walking on the path in front of their home in the Prenestino Village is now far away. It was a short time since Matteo had overcome his fear of the outside world and was convinced to stick his nose out. Even if for a few meters. A test of trust suddenly undermined by some bullies who, passing by in a car, pour all their “smallness” on him. They laugh at him, make fun of him, yell at him: “Obesooo!”

And not happy, they also throw eggs at him. Sara stands in front and protects him as only a mother can. Like a shield on which to bounce any attempt to hurt one’s child. Then back home, she unleashes all her anger on social media. Telling what happened. But now it has had an unexpected outcome. The woman, in her post of denunciation relaunched by many indignant people, had challenged those thugs who had cowardly attacked her Matteo by inviting them “to make sure that this ignoble gesture never happens again”. And they listen to it, admit the mistake and go personally to apologize. Promising to visit the victim of those stupid, heinous attacks, at least once a week.


“Fortunately, this bad story had its happy ending – said the woman – today (Wednesday, June 3, ed) the guys who behaved badly towards me and Matteo last night, came home to apologize and promised to devote a little of their time to Matteo. They are guys who fortunately have understood that they have done a wrong thing, a bad girl and I hope that this experience will teach them for the future, no grudges … no grudges. These guys had the courage to apologize and I think it is to be appreciated. Thanks also to the mother of one of the boys who came personally to our house. Thanks to all the many people who have been interested and worried about us. A bad and unpleasant thing has turned into something positive “

And today, June 4th, here is the post in which the mother urges her “subject” as she affectionately calls him to come out of the den and gives him all the serenity necessary to overcome the offenses and negative episodes and look ahead, forgiving ignorance of those who are not aware of how harmful it is for themselves and for others.

The invitation is accompanied by a very sweet photo in which the “sleepyhead” appears dozing off.

Right behind the mother who wears a T-shirt on which is written “I colori di Matteo”. This is the name of the association that Sara Fioramanti herself founded and which deals with sports and inclusion for the sake of autistic children who live in the VI Municipality of the Capital.

The message of denunciation

An always open challenge and a continuous commitment that can now continue with confidence in others. The one lost for a few hours as evidenced by the hot-posted message with the photo of the egg shells thrown: “Just back from one of the many walks outside the parking lot of my house – she remembers – a gray seventeenth century with 3 or maybe 4 guys inside they see me walking with Matteo and turn quickly with a U-turn first they pass at high speed they laugh and laugh, then another and very fast inversion pass in front of us and we almost reached the road angrily throw an egg missing Matteo who then would have taken me because I had sensed something and as always I put myself in front to shield and protect it if they had had a brick they would have thrown that) ». «Not happy they make another quick and very fast U-turn and as they pass happily they shout” A Obbesooo “! – continues the woman -. Now I do not comment on the happy and funny exclamation because I know that my son is obese and severely autistic and helpless, I comment on the fact of the curfew, the speed and the thrown egg. Unfortunately or fortunately many know me and I invite you to tell these poor and demented guys that there is evidence of what they have done and I invite them to make sure that it never happens again not because it happened to me, because they didn’t know not even that we would go out so it could happen to anyone. Tell them I’m not joking and if I happen to, I’ll make them go home on my knees next time “

Then the positive side of the story and today the message of hope for all discriminated people that ends with a series of hashtags that talk about the future: ungiornonuovo, sorridiallavita sivolta pagina.

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