the knot of regional agreements

the knot of regional agreements
the knot of regional agreements

Piedmont and Liguria have already signed the agreement: citizens of the first Region, who often spend long holiday periods in the towns of the provinces of Imperia and Savona, will be offered the opportunity to receive the second dose of vaccine in the host towns. «We signed the protocol for reciprocal vaccinations with Liguria during the holidays, everything is ready and our systems have already interfaced. However, the authorization of the general Figliuolo. I hope it will arrive, because I believe that the public must learn more and more to be flexible and meet the needs of the people », says the governor of Piedmont, Alberto Cirio. But this at the moment, pending the authorization of the commissioner, is the only bilateral agreement for the “second doses on vacation».

The other day, in the Conference of the Regions, the document drawn up by the Emilia-Romagna councilor, Raffaele Donini (coordinator of the health commission) was discussed, who tries to codify the system of vaccinations on vacation, on which, after a slowdown initial, there was an opening by General Figliuolo. The main points: vaccination for tourists can only concern the second doses, it will in any case be an exception not the rule and excludes those who limit themselves to short stays. In summary: if a citizen of Pavia goes to spend a week in Milano Marittima, in the province of Ravenna, he will not be able to ask for the second dose; if a family from Milan, perhaps originally from Salento, goes to Torre dell’Orso, in the province of Lecce, for a month, then the system of recall on vacation can be set in motion.

Recall vaccine on vacation, here are the regions ready to dose: how to do it


Pier Luigi Lopalco, Apulian councilor for health says: «We have a web page where they can register their expression of interest in getting vaccinated by those who, for various reasons, are not entitled to request it normally. We will also use this area of ​​the web for those who spend long holiday periods in our region. But the conference plan must be accepted by the commissioner. There is a problem to be solved: to connect the vaccine registry network to all regions. To date, if an Apulian gets vaccinated in Lombardy, the system receives the communication, but cannot send it to the Region of origin ».

Will a bilateral agreement between two Regions like the one signed by Piedmont and Liguria be necessary? “Not necessarily – replies Lopalco – you can also put the whole system online, making all the Regions talk to each other”. The text proposed by Donini reads: «The citizen who finds himself in the conditions of having to carry out the second dose in the region of stay will be able to apply for vaccination, through the access / booking methods defined by the different regions. The Region of stay will evaluate the applications and if they are accepted to communicate the date and place of the appointment by text message “.

To recap: an Italian on vacation in an area other than that of residence will have to connect to a site or ad hoc page (such as the one in the Apulian example) and communicate on the one hand his long stay in the host Region, on the other hand his intention to receive the second dose. Once vaccinated he will get a certificate and the file will be sent to the Region of residence. The sharing of data will allow the commissioner to compensate for the number of doses that a Region has inoculated to tourists from other territories. For clarity: to date there is nothing operational, they are only projects (it is better to complete your vaccination course in your region if you want to avoid nasty surprises). Meanwhile, on another issue – the possibility of administering the second dose with a vaccine different from the one used for the first – yesterday it leaked from the EMA (European Medicines Agency): “We may not have enough data for a precise indication to States that in the coming months will ask for approval for heterologous vaccination ».

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