Health District the capital focuses everything on the university

“The Latina Health District project will be presented within a month”, the same period in which La Sapienza University “will present a new degree course relating to Biochemistry”. The announcement is from Mayor Damiano Coletta, who participated in the event Costruiamo ponti, the first joint of Lbc and Pd, moderated by Deputy Secretary Dem Stefano Vanzini, in which the two forces illustrated the programmatic agreement that leads to the next elections administrative offices of the Pontine capital.
Coletta outlined “the idea we have for the city, which will turn 100 years old in 2032: an identity vision that will first of all be centered on the relationship with the university, which is consolidated, so much so that Sapienza invests, on the Pontine pole, about 10 million euros. The degree course in Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies is an important signal, and another one will be presented by the end of June, again relating to Biochemistry ». Furthermore, «by the end of the month we will present the project of the Health District, which we have nominated for the National Recovery and Resilience Plan». Thus, in the electoral program of the Lbc and Pd, “we intend to invest in young people, in digital innovation, in sustainable mobility, in a European city”. Several other issues touched upon by the mayor, such as the LTZ: “The pedestrian area in the center, with a pedestrian area that is increasing more and more, and in which we have also given additional spaces to exhibitors, must be experienced as a cultural evolution, which it is acquired over time “. Latina will therefore be «a city that puts the person at the center so that no one is left behind. The time is now, to start a design on solid legs, because a lot of experience has been gained in these five years ». “Fairness, legality, equal opportunities” are therefore the watchwords of the mayor. According to Franca Rieti, citizen secretary of the Democratic Party, “the party can field commitment, skills and vision of the future and together with the other parties and civic forces, they can ensure a clear idea of ​​the city, on issues such as mobility, digitization, universities, agriculture, and for this the time has come to open up to the outside world. Looking at all the energies of our society even beyond the coalition forces. We are convinced in support of Damiano Coletta mayor: being together is the only possible way ». Even according to Giorgio De Marchis, a member of the board of the Democratic Party, “we have an outgoing mayor who is a credible candidate, while the right does not yet have a candidate”, and he recalled that “an alternative narrative is needed for the many things that have been achieved. in these years”. De Marchis, who was the leader of the Democratic Party in the last council, reiterated how “the ambition is to build a new ruling class and to propose a new model of sustainable development”. Also for Elettra Ortu La Barbera, secretary of Lbc, “Latina must become the city of opportunities, attractive, palatable” and which, as explained by Mara De Longis of Pop, “always puts the person at the center”.
The Italian Socialist Party, another party in support of Coletta, yesterday presented a proposal to relaunch the Foro Portoghesi project: “It is a theme that can give a new urban imprint in the city center and for this reason it is considered important to create a working table with the mayor and councilors, together with the local and provincial Socialist component for an idea of ​​harmonious development ».
Andrea Apruzzese


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