School, 9 June regional union presidium in Milan “Stability for the precarious”

School, 9 June regional union presidium in Milan “Stability for the precarious”
School, 9 June regional union presidium in Milan “Stability for the precarious”

The school unions announce a regional presidium for Wednesday 9 June, in Milan in front of the Prefecture. In a joint note, Flc CGIL Lombardia Cisl Scuola Lombardia, Uil Scuola, Rua SnalsConfsalAnief affirm: “While the” Pact for the School in the Center of the Country “was signed on 20 May 2021 with the Confederal trade unions, the Government prepared a decree law without any confrontation on the same subjects thus contradicting what is declared and signed by the parties. We are convinced that “a cohesion policy based on dialogue and comparison” is the necessary tool for the world of education to be the ‘flywheel of cultural and economic growth, a place for the development of skills for an aware and participatory citizenship. This is why we signed the “Pact for the School”. The recognition declared in the Pact for the School to the commitment made by all staff during the pandemic must be translated into measures and interventions that ensure stability and continuity at work and the smooth start of the next school year. In Lombardy, temporary workers cover 35% of uncovered places. We are the Region with the highest number of substitutes for teachers and ata and schools without the presence of a DSGA holder. We ask the political forces to undertake to change the provision during the process of converting it into law ”. The garrison is part of the national mobilization to ask: for the stabilization of all the precarious both qualified and specialized and with 3 years of service; the stabilization of the DSGA functioning with 3 years of service without restrictions; overcoming the blocks on staff mobility; the strengthening of the teaching, educational and ATA staff starting from the confirmation of the Covid staff; the reduction of the maximum number of pupils per class; participation in a new competition even if the previous one is not passed.


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School June regional union presidium Milan Stability precarious

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