“Reopening as Mottarone cable car? Without shame”

“Reopening as Mottarone cable car? Without shame”
“Reopening as Mottarone cable car? Without shame”

Matteo Salvini against Andrea Crisanti. The leader of the League attacks the virologist, who spoke in Piazzapulita last night. “Last night live the irreducible Crisanti compared the reopening of April 26 to the Mottarone cable car operated without brakes. Without shame” tweeted the leader of the League, adding that he was “speechless”. “The numbers did not justify the decision” to reopen various activities from April 26, according to Crisanti who explained his point of view by making “a paradoxical reasoning”.

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“Suppose that nothing had happened at the Mottarone cable car, was it right to release the brake? The answer is no. We released the brakes early – said Crisanti last night – England told us what we had to do, we had to wait 3-4 weeks and release the brakes. Let’s not forget that in this fantastic month there were 7 thousand deaths. We are on the way to overcoming England and become the first country in Europe for mortality and one of the first in the world “.

The replica of Crisanti

“I repeat my words 100%. They hurt, they hit the heart, but there is no possible reply”. Virologist Andrea Crisanti does not hold back for having called into question the drama of the Mottarone cable car in his reflection on Covid-19 and on the need to always act while minimizing the risk. And that parallelism would not remain so. “I confirm everything,” he tells Adnkronos Salute. “The reality is just this and it is all here. And rightly it can shock. My answer to Salvini is very simple: we in Italy have taken an action without any scientific presupposition. The right way was the one indicated by England. We took an unnecessary risk and 7 thousand people have died from April 26 to today: it seems to me that there is nothing to celebrate “.

His words last night, guest of ‘Piazza Pulita’ on La7 – “Suppose that nothing had happened at the Mottarone cable car, was it right to release the brake? The answer is no. We released the brakes early, we had to wait 3 -4 weeks “- sparked criticism from Lega leader Matteo Salvini, who attacked him in a tweet. “Me irreducible? Of course. And his problem is people like me”, replies Crisanti, citing the adjective used by Salvini to define him.

“As Italy we have given a bad example. In what? In not having privileged the minimization of risks, which is a practice that informs any clinical and public health activity. The most important thing is the minimization of risks”, is the thesis of the virologist.

The director of the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua defends the choice of having mentioned Mottarone. “It is an example that allowed us to visualize how things are, unfortunately I understand that it is devastating”. Could seven thousand deaths have been avoided? “In retrospect we cannot make speculations – points out Crisanti – But in this country there is nothing to celebrate. I repeat, 7 thousand people have died. Then that the cases of Covid are decreasing we are all happy”, but that number of victims of the virus is not deleted, assures the expert. “Are we surprised if Australia or other countries close everything in the first few cases? That is the right way”, he observes.

As for Salvini’s reaction, “it means that I hit him”, he reasons. To those who speak of optimism or pessimism, judging his own words and those of other experts, Crisanti objects: “They are values, wrong words because they have a connotation of value. Here it is a question of being prudent or not prudent. And if Salvini takes it. for what I say, it is perhaps because I dismantled his politics “, he concludes.

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