The temptation to unload the crisis of the M5S- on the government

The temptation to unload the crisis of the M5S- on the government
The temptation to unload the crisis of the M5S- on the government

The grillini are multiplying, insinuating doubts about the permanence of the M5S in Mario Draghi’s government. They have one element in common: either they are former ministers and former undersecretaries, orphans of their role in previous executives; or exponents who feel the parliamentary seat in the balance. The impression that they are splinters of a nebula out of control. They represent the losing wing of grillismo, which attributes all blame to the executive: decline in consensus, disputes and diaspora. The operation discovered, and a bit clumsy. But a convenient alibi and therefore proselytes.

The scheme rests on three convenient truths. The first that Giuseppe Conte at Palazzo Chigi it was ousted by a conspiracy, and not by mistakes and a botched management of European aid projects. The second, that his successor would not have done better than him, and would have been seen since the vaccination campaign. The third, which has emerged in recent weeks, is that Draghi is dismantling the grill system piece by piece. Perhaps the only truth turned out to be correct. Therefore, the opposition singers say, it is better to get out of the government.

More than the instinct to indulge the call of the extremist forest, the attitude reflects frustration and an inability to deal with unprecedented patterns and power relationships. The fact of mythologizing Conte, underlining the popularity he enjoys, the son of the poignant memory of the two and a half years at Palazzo Chigi: even if some suspicions about the former prime minister’s estate must spread. Now that the possibility of having a by-election to get him into Parliament, Rome or Siena has opened up, a hint of fear arises.

A former Deputy Minister of the Five Stars, Stefano Buffagni, yesterday he declared that the idea of ​​nominating Conte in the Roman district of Primavalle would be risky. I would never want to introduce him to a difficult boarding school. If in doubt, I would ask him to run for Siena. Rather singular concern, because it is the leader, in pectore for months, of the M5S; of a former premier; and a seat in the capital administered by the mayor Virginia Raggi, still described today, with a massive dose of impressiveness, as a showcase for the government movement.

The reality is different. The unknown factor of a Pd that theorizes agreements with the M5S weighsbut he realizes every day more and more of the difficulty of making them concrete. Again, the lacerations in grillism are felt: the limbo in which Conte has been forced to become his emblem for weeks. And in the background remains the contradictory attitude towards the Draghi government. The former premier of the M5S risks becoming the symbol of this too, with Hamlet stances that betray a mixture of nostalgia for Palazzo Chigi, and hostility towards the former president of the ECB.

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