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Compulsory 25-hour course for all teachers outside of service hours: “except” only those who do not have the disabled or are specialized. Guild protests

From September all teachers without specialization in support and who have at least one certified disabled pupil in their classes will have to take an intensive course on special teaching: the course will last 25 hours, compulsory and without compensation. The Good School of Matteo Renzi already provided for this, albeit in general terms. And now the Ministry of Education is following the regulatory provision, better defined in the last period, with the Budget Law 2021: the announcement came during the meeting held on June 4 between the leaders of the Ministry of Education and the representative unions.

Soon the decree

The ministerial decree on training would be imminent: it provides that for the school year 2021/2022, therefore starting from September, the obligation to train all teachers who have disabled pupils in their classes will start. In total, it is estimated that about 700 thousand teachers will be called upon to carry out the course: therefore, specialists on support will not participate in the intensive course

The training unit will therefore consist of 25 hours and exemption from service would not seem to be allowed.

The Guild: on duty or paid

“Training constitutes a service in all respects and as such, therefore, must be paid for. It is clear that the continuous incursions on work carried out by the government on the work of teachers will provoke a dispute destined to be resolved in the courtroom and will create a conflictual atmosphere in schools ”, commented hotly Rino Di Meglio, national coordinator of the Teachers’ Guild.

“This is a rule – continued the trade unionist – which, as we had already denounced at the time of the enactment of the 2021 budget law, is in contrast with the 2016/2018 National Collective Labor Agreement which defines training as a right / duty and not as an obligation . Furthermore, again on the basis of the provisions of the national contract, there are two possibilities for training activities: either they fall within the 40 hours or they must be paid “.

The minister is wrong

“No minister or head teacher – concluded Di Meglio – can impose training on teachers outside of working hours”.

The question therefore deserves further study. Even more so because it would be an important precedent, which would be followed by compulsory training in other areas as well. Soon, therefore, requests for clarification are expected also from the other representative unions.


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