good federation. But it is a revolt between ministers and parliamentarians –

good federation. But it is a revolt between ministers and parliamentarians –
good federation. But it is a revolt between ministers and parliamentarians –

But when Silvio Berlusconi spoke about it yesterday, even in a reasoned way, at a meeting via Zoom with the party leaders, the upheaval was tangible. With Mariastella Gelmini and Mara Carfagna who openly criticized the hypothesis. The meaning of their interventions was: We sell out to the League. This also led to a clash between Carfagna and the group leader in the Senate Maria Grazia Bernini. Carfagna then observed: In addition to the options put on Salvini’s agenda – federation or merger – there is a third way: to work to reaffirm the centrality of the liberals in the coalition and in the country. Because the liberal voters of Forza Italia, otherwise, would not understand. Many no in the party, including those of Maurizio Gasparri, Sestino Giacomoni and Marco Bestetti, leader of the young. In agreement with the hypothesis, however, the centrist parties whose leaders yesterday were all heard by Salvini. Who, on the other hand, declines Giorgia Meloni, who talks about cold casting. The party observes that the federation concerns the center-right groups that are with Draghi, a tool to defend themselves from the excessive power of the left in the majority. Right operation that does not concern FdI.

The first concrete step of the federation, whose name is still missing, the union of parliamentary groups. Salvini, who in this game is moving with great caution, throws his heart over the obstacle and hopes to get to the point in late June or early July. Obviously not very simple: the new groups, for example, should have new group leaders (and the agreement would include the Northern League player Riccardo Molinari in the Chamber and the Bernini force worker in the Senate). While the ministers would no longer be parties of origin but of the new federation: they would be the ministers – he would tell his followers – of the only center-right government. Hence also Salvini’s recent words of praise to a minister not exactly close to him like Renato Brunetta.

Silvio Berlusconi of the new federation could be the president. Even if in the League they are all convinced that the game he is really playing, despite his health conditions, is the one for the presidency of the Republic. Certainly, the new center-right subject (woe to call him Predellino) will have more cards to play in the election of the head of state. But it could guarantee, Salvini hopes, a force majeure in all the next parliamentary matches: On the reforms – he would have observed – if the most important voice becomes that of the center-right, certainly a good thing. Especially with the dem and the torn 5 stars as they are.

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