Italy, convinced fans but how many criticisms for those two

In the last friendly before the European debut, at the Dall’Ara in Bologna Italy beats the Czech Republic 4-0 thanks to the networks of Immobile, Barella, Insigne and Berardi. And the Azzurri fans on social I do not hide that I have good feelings, even if the criticisms for the choices of the coach Roberto Mancini.

Italy, Barella unites the fans

In fact, in the opening minutes, in addition to Chiellini’s nosebleed: “Breaking nose number 7479992 for Chiellini”, many show that they do not like the couple Bonucci-Chiellini at the center of the blue defense. This is underlined by the journalist Paolo Ziliani, who tweets: “Then ChielliniBonucci blue central couple of the wonderful National of Mancini, 71 years in two, okay? I ask after having taken a look at the palmares ofItaly from 2006 to today “and many other fans share:Bonucci e Chiellini owners, Sticks Park bench. I just hope Mancini wants to preserve the champion ofItaly for the games that matter “,” I know a Juventus player but a defense is set up with Bonucci and Chiellini, it worries me a little!“.

When then Bonucci seems to have the worst in a contrast there are those who write:Too bad for nothing major Bonucci “, and those who ironically:”There certainly is concern for Bonucci, the strikers of the other national teams hope it is nothing serious ”. Obviously there is no lack of those who are not there and write: “Bonucci I remember playing the national team, tonight you can not gufare“. At 22 ′ comes the goal of the advantage and there are those who tweet: “Finally Immobile“, While to finally unite the Azzurri fans it seems the excellent proof of Stretcher: “What a foot Barella ”, and again:“ but what player is Nicolò da Cagliari Barella? ”,“ Barella is in a state of grace, he’s good and he can do everything! ”.

20 ‘e the 2-0 point was born from a conclusion from the edge of the Inter midfielder, who deceived Pavlenka with the complicity of a deviation. Second decisive deviation and there are those who write: “But this luck in important matches would be better”, “Maybe let’s keep a slice of luck for the Europeans !!!”, “Two deviations of the opponents, two goals. Good Italy but also very lucky“. Obviously, the comments continue that highlight the performance of Stretcher: “is a SPA-VEN-TO-SO player“,“ Best midfielder of the milky way ”.

Italy, fans satisfied with the Azzurri’s performance

At the beginning of the second half, the lighting problem of the Dall’Ara monopolized the attention of social media: “Paid the bill?“,“ A little off this second half ”. The trio of Insigne, at 65 ′, he definitively closes the games and on social networks there are those who take the opportunity to wish the Napoli captain his thirtieth birthday: “Lorenzinoooo Happy birthday!“. 8 ‘and Berardi’s poker arrives and congratulations are for everyone: “Insigne devastating”, “Mamma Mia Badge e Berardi “,” what a wonderful action “,”What a class Berardi“.

At the triple whistle many do not hide the good feelings ahead of the European Championship and they don’t skimp on compliments: “Maybe it’s too early to say, but it seems to me that we are a great team!“,” I see a team that is truly united beyond what the result will be I see a group “,”Beautiful Italy. One week from Euro2020 we can say that we are getting closer in the best way ”. And the compliments of the fans also go to the coach: “Mancio has given back his light-heartedness and desire to play for this national team. Bravo Mancio. Bravo ”, even more than one fans ask themselves:“ are we strong or is the Czech Republic not being a great team? ”.

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Italy, convinced fans but how many criticisms for those two

Source: ANSA

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