“Another unfulfilled promise from the Mayor”

“Another unfulfilled promise from the Mayor”
“Another unfulfilled promise from the Mayor”

Fees for nursery schools and school canteens must be paid even if you have not benefited from the service. Roma Capitale, contrary to what had been announced, is asking families to settle the balance.

The promise not kept

“Since mid-March, in the middle of the Covid pandemic, the Municipality of Rome had promised Roman families, forced to stay at home with their children, exemption from paying the fees for nursery schools, school canteens and transport for pupils – the Roman action manager and councilor of the VI Town Hall Dario Nanni – But once again the promise has not been kept and the families find themselves having to pay the March tuition despite not having used the service ”.

The intentions of the Capitol

In mid-March the Campidoglio, through a note still available on the Roma Capitale website, had announced its intention to suspend payments for fees and canteens. The decision, taken in compliance with the government measures that had ordered the inclusion of Lazio in the Red zone, did not have a real response.

The official communication

“The mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi has given a mandate to the councilors and competent departments to suspend the payment of the fees for the nursery schools, for the school canteens managed by Roma Capitale and for the transport service for pupils” we still read today in the note published on the Roma Capitale website. However, other information arrives from the territories.

The just protests of the parents

“We have received many reports from parents who rightly protest because they are asked to pay for a service they have not received – explained Samuele Marcucci, president of the School Commission in Municipality VIII – it is a problem that concerns both the nurseries and, relatively at canteens, kindergartens and primary schools. As Town Hall we also wrote to the Capitol, but we have not received any feedback and, therefore, parents are right to protest ”concluded Marcucci. The short circuit is therefore evident, but families will be forced to pay for a service they never received.


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