The events industry seeks en plein air, Italy and charming structures

What does the events industry? What are the new customer needs in terms of goals, use of technology, sustainability? To answer these questions is Silvia Pozzi, chief logistics officer Gattinoni Mice. It starts considering the period, they were fourteen months that marked everyone that’s all. Who have upset professional and relational methods, balances and habits, but we have not stopped planning, thinking ahead, studying how to bring together new rules, new needs and usual needs-goals. Pozzi thus takes stock of trends.

Speaking of destinations, Italy reconfirms itself as the main destination for the events to be carried out in 2021. The orientation is towards outdoor situations, bucolic, not only for the distancing, but because people have been forced to stay indoors for many months practicing smart working and now they strongly desire to be outdoors.

An element that is changed is the number of groups; we prefer to conceive groups of maximum 50 people, studying back to back if the participants are many more. We are no longer looking for typically business hotels, but rather charming or shabby chic structures, preferably solutions that allow different set-ups for working moments and to respect distances. We no longer aspire to the extremely elegant restaurant, the gala dinner with a very formal look; you want to offer (from the companies) and experience (from the participants) one quality experiential component.

In terms of estero, companies evaluate the one near the beautiful country. We are essentially talking about Europe and the Emirates. Among the emerging destinations is the Montenegro, which has equipped itself with new facilities and has its own appeal, and theSaudi Arabia, which until October 2020 was off limit; now it is no longer closed to tourism and despite its limitations – for example the ban on alcohol consumption – it represents a novelty.

Another component on the subject of destinations is the relationship with the territories. The so-called minor Italy has taken many steps in this direction; numerous municipalities launch tenders to promote events, because they are aware of how much they move the related economy. Organizing events in areas that do not have a specific vocation contributes to their relaunch.

“Like Gattinoni – says Pozzi – we try to encourage customers to dare, not to be afraid to experiment. We do a lot of research and develop networking by identifying suitable partners. During the pandemic and the lockdown periods the technology has played an essential role in daily life. As a result, the world of events has also reshaped. Technology will increasingly support event management, making some processes automated and more streamlined, however, we must not run the risk of totally losing human contact, an essential element in the events industry “.

Among the points highlighted by the manager is the fact that “one constant partnership between logistics and technology. For example, the organizational secretariat, which was the heart of the assistance, operating remotely also becomes a concierge. The streaming events they are accompanied by the sending to the home of products related to the event itself. The platforms i am absolutely user friendly. This also happens in Digital Communication, since the event must be experienced live, but also by those who follow it from home “.

A very topical issue is the sustainability, “Which is increasingly entering into the parameters and demands of customers. A sustainability that on the one hand is declined at an environmental level. For example: before they were not well perceived i courtesy kit with dispensers, single-dose in bathrooms were preferred, while now the saving of plastic in the room is viewed with favor, but we are also talking about a sustainability made of authentic well-being; people who have not seen each other for 14 months want to meet again, not formalities. They did not lack the tie, they lacked a presence not mediated by screens; they gladly accept the safety provisions – gels and masks so to speak – as long as it is possible to create events again in presence. In conclusion, the conditions exist to restart the events industry. Companies are ripe to metabolize the new behavioral coordinates; you change, but you do it ”, says Pozzi.

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