The pressure on Berlusconi with the illusion of the Quirinale. But the governors hold up: no to merger-

The pressure on Berlusconi with the illusion of the Quirinale. But the governors hold up: no to merger-
The pressure on Berlusconi with the illusion of the Quirinale. But the governors hold up: no to merger-

ROMA – Più diuno, in a Forza Italia subjected to a sudden and sensational stress-test, believes that Salvini, with the collaboration of the Azzurri closest to him such as Ronzulli and the group of loyalists, has made Berlusconi fall into a trap. That she seduced him, with the promise to support him in an almost impossible situation race to the Quirinale, and convinced to give him his creature. First by creating unique Forza Italia-Lega parliamentary groups, then a federation and finally the landing that can already be seen in a single party, very useful to the League leader for the leadership challenge with Meloni, much less to the Azzurri to maintain their own identity still be a point of reference for the moderates, even if only for membership in the EPP, which makes the party the guarantor of a pro-European line of the center-right. And so yesterday the war in FI, deeper and deeper especially between the government wing and that of the restricted circle that has access to the Cavaliere, exploded with an exchange of blows, thrusts, narratives and counter-narratives.

Two things are undoubted: Salvini has been carrying out his proposal for a federation for some time, so far always rejected by the Cavaliere. He also offered it to them in theirs first meeting after the birth of the Draghi government, always finding coldness, waiting, caution. Yesterday, surprisingly, Berlusconi returned to reveal himself with his family, opening up to the project instead. Even dreaming of a “single party” for the future.

An exit that has bewildered those who believe that Forza Italia cannot “die Lega”, safeguarding only the position income of the loyalists who would be co-opted by Salvini. From the inner circle of the Cavaliere there are those who overturn the theory, explaining that it is Berlusconi who is convinced of “using Salvini”, because his goal, the only one that has in the lead “for years”, it would be only one: the Quirinale. And certainly Berlusconi listens with interest to those who tell him that, if the center-right is compact, to be elected President of the Republic he would lack “only 50 votes” to reach the goal. Conquerable thanks to some regional delegates on the other side of the fence, some grillino in no particular order and above all Renzi and his friends.

But the company is on the verge of impossible and how much Berlusconi really believes in it is difficult to say. His legal affairs are still open, which torment him, even if the hope is that they will fall if they agree with him in Strasbourg. And today many Azzurri warn him that there is a risk of massive abandonment towards the center, of which perhaps “Ronzulli and Tajani and Bernini are not interested”, but which would mean the death of FI. He does not believe that his own will abandon him: «And where are they going? With Calenda having 1%? With the left, to die? With Toti, to do what? They will remain in the center-right ». And perhaps the long discussions with Salvini flattered him, because it is true that if what would become by far the first parliamentary group proposed its name for the Quirinale, if Meloni supported it, there would be a possibility. But is this a likely scenario? Virtually no one in Parliament believes it.

Certainly the conviction operation is underway. Salvini yesterday launched his proposal for a Federation of the center right in the Berlusconi home newspaper, The newspaper. And always yesterday Antonio Tajani met with Meloni’s candidate for Rome, Enrico Michetti, and unlike the last few days he appeared as an aperturist: “We are waiting for the polls, but we have no foreclosures, we do not want to spite anyone …”. And the underground work is in progress, if it is true that we are talking about Lega and FI groups merged and led to the Chamber by Molinari del Carroccio and to the Senate by the blue Bernini, who yesterday had a hard fight with Carfagna: “Look, if you do this we will lose 50,” warned the minister. “Is it a Mafia threat?” He replies. «No, I know the Mafia», and Bernini: «Well, luckily I don’t».

This is the climate, with Tajani who did not expose himself yesterday and is now holding back: «We are not thinking of a single party, but of greater coordination, a kind of House of Freedom. Nobody thinks of dissolving the party ». Perhaps also because the resistance of Gelmini, Carfagna, of simple deputies and senators such as Giammanco, from the more moderate area of ​​FI was vehement. So much so that the ministers themselves seem convinced that Berlusconi, after the grievances, has already taken a few steps back. In short, the story is still to be written. And the battle remains open.

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