Dead child 3 years old accident Paderno Dugnano North lake (Milan) June 2, 2021

Dead child 3 years old accident Paderno Dugnano North lake (Milan) June 2, 2021
Dead child 3 years old accident Paderno Dugnano North lake (Milan) June 2, 2021

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04 June 2021 18:00

The three-year-old child transported by helicopter to the hospital after the accident that took place on Wednesday 2 June in Paderno Dugnano (Milan), between Parco Lago Nord and Parco Toti, died in the afternoon of Friday 4 June. June. This was announced at 5.10 pm by the Papa Giovanni hospital in Bergamo, where he was hospitalized. Too serious are the injuries caused by that car (driven by a 72-year-old who had never obtained a license) which literally fell on him from the top of the hill on which he was proceeding. The child’s body was made available to the judicial authority for the autopsy, which will be carried out on Saturday.

The child’s condition immediately appeared very serious. When the 118 rescuers arrived, the little boy was unconscious. He was given heart massage for a long time to revive him and then he was transported with the utmost urgency by helicopter to Pope John in Bergamo, while his father and mother (also overwhelmed by the car) did not report serious injuries. Unfortunately, the timely rescue intervention of the health workers was not enough.

The car “swooped” down the hill

The car, a Ford Focus, was driven by SDA, a 72-year-old retiree with some criminal records, who was also injured: it was extracted by the fire brigade and entrusted to the care of the health workers, who transported it to the Niguarda in Milan where he is still hospitalized in intensive care, with a rupture of the femur and pulmonary edema. It emerged that the man had never obtained a driving license. On May 4, in Milan, he caused a road accident by hitting three people on foot and trying to escape. Tracked down by the local Milanese police, his vehicle had been confiscated (in his name and regularly insured).

According to what was reconstructed by the military, the motorist took a downhill stretch not allowed for cars, in a completely different direction from the exit, colliding with the trees and wooden fences along the way and finishing the race falling for a few meters towards the lake. The car then fell on top of the family. Probably the man had had an illness.


Dead child years accident Paderno Dugnano North lake Milan June

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