“We also need one in the capital”

“We also need one in the capital”
“We also need one in the capital”

A landfill will be built in the hinterland – the Metropolitan City, led by Virginia Raggi, will indicate the territory of Magliano Romano, where there is a former quarry available – but Rome too “must do its part to solve the problem”, as it has hinted the other evening by the Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani. Time is running out to find a solution for the problem of waste disposal in the capital, after the substantial black smoke of the technical table convened yesterday at the Ministry, with the Region and the Capitol, which will meet again next week. And we talk again about the Falcognana hypothesis: an area already potentially ready to host a small site for the dumping of garbage, on which, however, there is strong resistance. In the absence of an agreement that will secure the Eternal City by 30 June, therefore, the Region could activate the replacement powers to create the necessary plants: a sort of municipal administration commissioner that, at least in words, everyone would like to avoid.

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The situation

In Rome, the long bridge of June 2 left evident signs in all the neighborhoods: overflowing bins, bags abandoned on the street or on the sidewalks, differentiated substantially impossible to do correctly (in addition to the inevitable abuse of incorrect citizens). And the new weekend that has come close, today and tomorrow, could further worsen the situation. Also because, as recalled by the Region at yesterday’s summit, the disposal situation tends to become increasingly complicated. Two landfills are currently active in Lazio: that of Viterbo, with a residual capacity of approximately 160,000 cubic meters, and that of Civitavecchia, with approximately 30,000 cubic meters still available. However, both will be off-limits within a few months. As well as the Sogliano al Rubicone plant, in Romagna, where the waste produced by the two Tmb plants in Malagrotta, managed by E.Giovi, is disposed of.

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The developments

In a short time, therefore, an effective recipe must be found, to avoid the waste emergency. Before the summer, as reiterated by the minister: “We hope to find a good solution”, underlines Cingolani. Among other things, the Campidoglio recalled the delay accumulated over the years on the road to increasing separate waste collection, which stood at 45.2 per cent, compared to the expected 65 per cent. “We cannot continue to have other municipalities in Lazio accept Rome’s waste, if the Capitol does not at least get to work to identify a solution within the municipal territory”, is the mantra of the Region. But Palazzo Senatorio remains firm on the “no” to the landfill in the capital. And yesterday the discussion also returned to the Roccasecca site, in the province of Frosinone, closed for a few months after the opening of a judicial investigation.

The announcement

Meanwhile, the Ama has published a notice of “expression of interest by area to be allocated to plant sites”, with a deadline set for next 18 June. The research excludes, among others, areas with landscape and hydrogeological constraints (or near assets with archaeological or cultural protection), agricultural areas of particular value and those near coasts, rivers and water supply points. But the ministry was clear on this point: no other Tmbs, which are based on obsolete technology, are needed.


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