De Falchi, the perpetual memory of the Roma fans

De Falchi, the perpetual memory of the Roma fans
De Falchi, the perpetual memory of the Roma fans

In this step, specifically: “There are far more serious facts than a penalty kick not given – we read – In 1989 a young Roma fan, Antonio de Falchi, went to Milan to watch the match against Milan. His mom was restless. “Do not wear anything yellow and red, do not show that you are Roma”. And he had obeyed. He had dressed anonymously. He could have cheered for any team, but when a Milan ultra approached him asking for a cigarette, the boy was betrayed by his accent and immediately surrounded. He was kicked and punched and died, a frightening tragedy. Before our match at the Olimpico (2011, Roma-Milan 0-0, ed), there was a commemoration “.

“The fans paid tribute to him from the stands, the Roma curve choreographed the name“ De Falchi ”written in red on a yellow background. A beautiful thing, which conditioned the atmosphere.

The book by the Swedish champion came out in 2011 and was translated into six languages, becoming a best seller. And the story of De Falchi is known far from Italy, also thanks to Ibra. But he, Antonio, lives in the hearts of the Romanists of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Although the world changes every day, Roma and De Falchi remain.


Falchi perpetual memory Roma fans

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