“I dream of a 14th town hall that is open and inclusive for all”

“I dream of a 14th town hall that is open and inclusive for all”
“I dream of a 14th town hall that is open and inclusive for all”

“What prompted me to apply? A healthy bath of humility, especially on the part of the Democratic Party: re-crossing the people, the people, was the main element. It is a step that was asked of me by many comrades of the Monte Mario club, and I thought that perhaps after having been in the ‘toy palace’ for 10 years and in the Campidoglio for 3 years I might have the right administrative skills to manage a Municipality “. To say to the Dire agency is Ileana Argentin, a PD exponent, former deputy and Capitoline councilor, today a candidate in the primary of the center-left for the presidency of the XIV Municipality of Rome with the support of Liberare Roma.

I take a constant stroll through the markets

“I take a constant walk in the middle of the markets, I am among the people, I chat with them, and I must say that we are a good team”, explained Argentin about the first days of his electoral campaign. In terms of content, she underlined, “I am also a candidate of the left: I want to talk about the left because the Democratic Party is too centrist is tired, it cannot be said to be a left party if you do not do anything left, so I went out to work ”.

The challenge on the territory for the Rome elections

The challenge on the territory, added Argentin, “is very heavy, there are many initiatives every day, today for example we went to the Primavalle market. But all this is also very beautiful, I feel reborn in the knowledge of the area. Then I was born here and I live there, I am very happy with this challenge: it is very tiring but it is worth it ”. What is the goal of your candidacy? “My dream is that of a Municipality for all, inclusive, that listens to everyone. There is really a need, because the XIV is a very particular Municipality that combines rich areas such as Balduina or Cortina d’Ampezzo and more popular areas such as Primavalle, Ottavia, Palmarola and Selva Candida: it is a gigantic territory and a tailor-made project is needed. for each neighborhood “.

Female leadership within the Democratic Party

Finally, a passage on the topic of female leadership within the Democratic Party, in particular in Rome: “I am here also because I am a woman and as such I wanted to propose myself: I believe that the female figure is important, not only in entrepreneurship but also in politics and in the territories. Women must have more space in the party ”, Argentin concluded.

Source: Dire Agency

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