Italy-Czech Republic 4-0: Immobile, Barella, Insigne and Berardi. Blazing sails towards the Europeans

Italy-Czech Republic 4-0: Immobile, Barella, Insigne and Berardi. Blazing sails towards the Europeans
Italy-Czech Republic 4-0: Immobile, Barella, Insigne and Berardi. Blazing sails towards the Europeans

BOLOGNA – Italy is full of self-esteem in the last dress rehearsal before the European Championships. Against the Czech Republic he slips his 8th consecutive victory (4-0), the 27th useful result (-3 from the absolute record held by Pozzo) and extends the inviolability of his goal to 785 ‘. Beyond the large numbers, Mancini had the answers he wanted in the dress rehearsal before his debut in Rome against Turkey.

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Mancini’s choices are convincing

The choices in the three roles in question have fully convinced: Immobile, preferred to Belotti, scored and understood perfectly with his friend Insigne, Berardi, preferred to Chiesa as a right hairpin, swept brilliantly across the attack front embellishing the performance with a ‘spoon’ goal, Spinazzola, preferred to Emerson, swept away the uncertainties related to his recovery after yet another muscle injury, creating constant dangers with his descents on the left wing. To these must be added Locatelli who, tried as deputy Verratti waiting to understand if the PSG midfielder will be able to recover in time after the right knee problem, played an excellent defensive test, closing every passing line.

Immobile unlocks the result

Italy started slowly and the Czech Republic tried to surprise them with crosses from both sides that did not worry the Azzurri defenders, however. At 19 ‘Bonucci, in an attempt to protect the ball from Jankto’s attack, fell to the ground after an unnatural twist of the ankle and right knee but after a few moments of fright he resumed running and kicking normally, reassuring everyone. Italy felt relieved and at the first opportunity went with Immobile, quick to resume a short rebound from Brabec and to score with a right that was bagged at the edge of the pole, thanks to a decisive detour by Celustka.

Stretcher doubles

The Czech Rep. Felt the blow, lowered the center of gravity and ended up charging further the Azzurri who, after having touched the target twice more with a diving header from Immobile and with a left on the outside of the net of Insigne, they doubled, again with a bit of luck (42 ‘): Barella went down to the limit and tried the right; the ball hit Brabec’s heel and spiked and ended its run in the corner to Pavlenka’s right.

Immobile invents, Insigne scores

In the second half, despite the changes Silhavy wanted (Soucek, Schick and Zima for Barak, Krmencik and Celustka), the Czech Republic did not change its attitude and Italy took advantage of it. After intercepting a free-kick from Berardi and risking two shots from Insigne and Chiellini, Pavlenka had to capitulate for the third time in the 66th minute: Immobile with a nice touch from the outside launched Insigne into the area who with a precise right to turn of first intention he bagged.

Insigne lights up Berardi for the blue poker

Italy, with Cristante, Emerson and Acerbi taking over from Jorginho, Spinazzola and Chiellini, continued to have fun and the 4-0 goal (73 ′) made with a soft spoon by Berardi, caught in the area by a throw, is proof of this. illuminating by Insigne. The race in fact ended here. In the end there was just enough time to see Raspadori finally break the emotion for the long-awaited debut in blue. Now it will get serious and to go far at the European Championships, the freshness and enthusiasm of the newcomer will certainly also be needed.

ITALY-REP. CZECH 4-0 (2-0)
Italy (4-3-3): Donnarumma, Florenzi (41 ‘st Toloi), Bonucci, Chiellini (19’ st Acerbi), Spinazzola (19 ‘st Emerson), Barella, Jorginho (19’ st Cristante), Locatelli, Berardi ( 33 ′ st Chiesa), Building (33 ′ st Raspadori), Insigne. (1 Sirigu, 26 Meret, 2 Di Lorenzo, 6 Pessina, 9 Belotti, 20 Bernardeschi). Coach: Mancini.
Czech Republic (4-1-4-1): Pavlenka, Coufal, Brabec, Celustka (1 ′ st Winter), Boril, Kral, Masopust (16 ′ st Sevcik), Darida (36 ′ st Sadilek), Barak (1 ′ st Soucek ), Jankto (16 ′ st Otter), Krmencik (1 ′ st Schick). (1 Vaclik, 16 Mandous, 2 Kaderabec, 22 Mateju, 24 Pekhart, 25 Pesel). All .: Silhavy.
Referee: Tschudi (Switzerland).
Networks: in pt 23 ′ Immobile, 42 ′ Barella; in st 21 ′ Insigne, 28 ′ Berardi.
Corners: 6-1 for Italy.
Recovery: 2′ e 2′.
Ammonites: nobody.
Spectators: 1000.

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