Mancini after Italy Czech Republic: ‘Auspicious test’

The coach satisfied for Bologna’s 4-0 win against the Czech Republic: “Game played well, played in the right way. We have to play our game, we are offensive, attack and defend well. We need a good balance, mentality will be important”. Birthday and goal for Insigne: “It will be exciting to play with the crowd against Turkey”. Debut for Raspadori: “Incredible joy, I’m speechless”


We played well and faced the match in the right way against an excellent team. ” Roberto Mancini promotes his Italy, which wins and convinces in the last test before the debut in the European Championship. In the 4-0 to the Czech Republic there are the goals of Immobile, Stretcher, Badge e Berardi. “At the beginning it took us a few minutes to fuel up, but I wanted to see the team play like this, it’s my national team – explains the coach to Rai Sport – we need to improve from many points of view, I think it can be a good thing. Insigne and Berardi Do they break games? We have to play our game. We are an offensive team, we have to attack and defend when there is a need to defend. Mindset will be important“. Applause for the Napoli striker, who scored on his 30th birthday.” He scored a good goal – admits Mancini – it’s his birthday and I think it’s a good day for him. ” against Turkey in Rome: “We need to improve, we are young and there are many points of view where we can do better. However, making a friendly match like this is a good sign. Now we are together, we are fine and this is important. “At the press conference the Technical Commissioner also spoke about Marco Verratti’s recovery in view of the European debut on Friday 11 June:” He is making great strides, I hope to be able to catch him up already with Turkey. I see it very well “.

Insigne: “I couldn’t have given myself a better gift”


The strikers of the Mancini era: 30 different, it’s a record

30 years on the ID card and goals on the pitch for Lorenzo Insigne. “I could not have given myself a better gift – he assures – I am happy above all because we have made a great performance. There is a week left in the European Championship, now we recover our energies and start in the best possible way. I leader? I feel old (ride, ed). I feel the coach’s confidence and I try to do the best. Mancini created a great group, a great spirit and put everyone in a position to express themselves at their best and have fun. We are playing great football“. The gaze is on Turkey:”It will be a great emotion, we are no longer used to playing with the public even if there will be only 16 thousand people. Where can we go? I think it is still early, now it is important to be aware of our means. Today was a great test and we all played a great game. “

Berardi: “Great game, I work to be a starter”

Jersey as owner and goal for Domenico Berardthe. “I knew yesterday that I would start from the first minute – the Sassuolo striker admits – tonight I played a great game but I have to try to do even better. Mortgage for a seat against Turkey? I always try to give my best in training, then the coach will make the choices. Then we will see who will play between me, Chiesa and Bernardeschi but we are three strong players. “Then a comment on the team performance:” Apart from the first minutes, when we had to pick up the pace of the game, I am very happy because this was an important test to better prepare us for our debut in the European Championship. Where can we get by playing like this? I hope as high as possible “.

Gioia Raspadori: “Indescribable emotion”


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Debut in Azzurro and great emotion for Giacomo Raspadori. “Experiencing my debut in my city with my family in front of me was incredible, I’m speechless “explains the 21-year-old from Sassuolo, who started playing football just 15 minutes from Bologna:”The whole course passed in front of me, with the good and bad moments that were there. I believe that when you give your best every day for what you love, you also feel ready and are convinced that you can face things. When did I realize that the coach would take me to the European Championship? I’m still doing it. I have to thank him for giving me this opportunity “. A joke about the technical characteristics different from the team mates of the national team:”I’m certainly different from Belotti and Immobile on a physical level as well. They are short and having them as teammates is fortunate. Before they were adversaries and I admired them, I will try every day to steal something from them “.

The special “L’Italia del Mancio – La Rinascita”. From today on demand on Sky

While waiting for the Azzurri to take the field for their debut at the European Championships, the special “L’Italia del Mancio – La Rinascita” is now available on demand to trace everything that happened from the failure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia up to today. A journey back to tell the rebirth of the national team under the guidance of Roberto Mancini.


Mancini Italy Czech Republic Auspicious test

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