Rai, funds only for the Milan office. And Rome can wait

Rai, funds only for the Milan office. And Rome can wait
Rai, funds only for the Milan office. And Rome can wait

Almost 135 million euros can be spent up to 2052 to rent the former Fiera al Portello and pursue, a Milano, the dream of one Saxa Rubra padana, but not around forty to give new life to the historic headquarters of the Rai. Yes, because in 2019 the board of directors discussed, as had happened in the past, a maxi redevelopment of the building, in 2020 a call for tenders was also launched for the design of the work, but immediately afterwards everything ended in oblivion. And, apparently, the plan could remain in the drawers of the members of the next board of directors, who – on the strategic-real estate front – will not only have to discuss the amalgamation of the two Milanese offices in Corso Sempione and via Mecenati, with related studies. production.

Instead, let’s talk about the headquarters of viale Mazzini 14, that of the futuristic building and all windows designed in the 60s by Berarducci and with the “dying horse” of Messina at the entrance. Where in these hours a great confusion is mounting among the managers, pieces of politics and trade unions because the board of directors has been postponed for the appointments, for the leaders who see candidates for president Simona Agnes, Ferruccio De Bortoli, Alberto Quadro Curzio, Elisabetta Ripa (Open Fiber) and Paola Severini Melograni. A building that is full of asbestos. Because that set of metals that in the past seemed to be the best insulation and fire protection system and which already proved to be carcinogenic and deadly in the seventies, was removed only on the seventh floor. Where the top management of the television company are hosted. Moreover, all accesses to the management have also been cleared, with the unions that a few years ago ironized: “Only VIPs are saved …”.

Rai in Milan, a golden contract to make the “Saxa Rubra padana”


Asbestos looms in the walls, under the floors and in the attics. But if that weren’t enough, the whole building is old: there is no auditorium worthy of the name, the work spaces are divided into small rooms that slow down the exchange of information and contacts between the different areas, the walls are crumbling and degradation it unites corridors, bathrooms or dining areas.

In the era of open spaces and technology giants that combine quality of work and productivity, the Viale Mazzini headquarters, inside, looks like a 1950s ministry. Also for this reason, in 2019, the board of directors – the same as today – decided it was time to freshen up. And a new organization of spaces to ensure greater efficiency in a reality that lives on the continuous exchange of material and immaterial information. Yes to asbestos remediation, yes to open spaces, yes to a better disposition of human resources based on the various connections created by the different opportunities. All this was decided two years ago and, to facilitate this operation lasting at least 4 years (according to some, 8 are necessary) an alternative location was found to move the employees in stages to a structure on the Aurelia, in via di Val Cannuta. . Shortly after, there is also a tender for the design of the entire remediation operation. To be precise, «technical and economic feasibility, definitive, executive planning services, safety coordination during the design phase were required, pursuant to art. 23 of Legislative Decree. 50/2016 and subsequent amendments to be developed using BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology and according to the “RAI BIM Guidelines” attached to the Preliminary Design Document, relating to environmental remediation and integral redevelopment of the headquarters of the RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana SpA General Management in Viale Mazzini 14 in Rome ». An intervention of high engineering.


Then, in a short time, everything changed. The alternative headquarters in via Val Cannuta was abandoned because the ownership was not clear, but above all – we are in the first half of 2020 and with the first wave of Covid – Rai has decided to suspend the project: you want – official reason – because with the pandemic was impossible to move the workers, either because of the very high cost: the operation can also amount to about forty million euros, given the difficulty of removing all the asbestos present in the headquarters. Problem that did not arise for the Portello operation, with the 135 million euro rent until 2052, a 27-year long contract and the breakeven to be reached only in 2029. But many are betting that the restyling of the building Berarducci will jump. They confirm from the company’s top management: “With smart working, is it better to go ahead with work on a site that hosts a thousand employees?”. The word to the next board of directors. Meanwhile, Carlo Costantini, secretary of the CISL of Rome, bitterly notes: «Milan will not be better than Rome or vice versa, this is not the problem. But the crux is that Rai, if it delocalizes its offices, destroys the centrality of information and audiovisuals which are an added value in the life of the capital. Certain activities must be valued, not humiliated ».


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