pu24.it- The 57th International Exhibition of New Cinema was presented in Rome

pu24.it- The 57th International Exhibition of New Cinema was presented in Rome
pu24.it- The 57th International Exhibition of New Cinema was presented in Rome

by Editorial staff

June 4, 2021

ROME – The Pesaro International New Cinema Exhibition (19-26 June 2021) is at the starting line of a 57th edition, all in attendance, with the hope that cinema will once again become a cultural and social reference point and rediscover its dimension in the rooms, as well expressed by the initials by Donato Sansone and by the manifesto by Michele Bernardi. The presentation this morning in Rome, at the Casa del Cinema, preceded by the press preview of the film The Most Beautiful Boy in the World, in the presence of the artistic director Pedro Armocida, the president of the Scientific Committee and co-founder of the Exhibition Bruno Torri, of the Deputy Mayor and President of the Pesaro Nuovo Cinema Foundation Daniele Vimini and Alberto Anile (National Film Archive Conservator – Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Foundation).

Bruno Torri immediately wanted to underline that “the Pesaro festival was born with the laudable intention of studying, developing and strengthening a new cinema. And also this year there will be cinemas, films, discussions ”. “This is the aim of the exhibition”, reiterated the director Pedro Armocida, who illustrated this year’s rich program that “enhances experiments, research of style and language”. Deputy Mayor Vimini, on the other hand, underlined the importance of the Pesaro Exhibition for the national cultural panorama and for the city itself: “it is an exhibition that has been able to ‘sew’ itself with the city and its most significant spaces (Palazza Gradari, Teatro Sperimentale , Piazza del Popolo, Centro Arti Visive Pescheria, the renovated Astra cinema, the new ‘white space’, etc.): linking the strength of cinema to these places is a merit of the exhibition ”. Alberto Anile wanted to remember the “long collaboration relationship between the National Film Archive – Centro Sperimentale di Cinematography Foundation with the Pesaro Film Festival”, which this year will also allow the viewing of “beautiful films, such as the preview and the world preview of the restoration. of beyond Good and Evil by Liliana Cavani “.

The program of this edition is very rich and varied, starting from Pesaro New Cinema Competition which continues the revolution undertaken last year and presents 16 works of all genres and formats, without distinction of duration, gender or age, but always favoring the search for the ‘new’ cinema. The prizes will be awarded by two juries: a professional one of which they will be part Walter Fasano, Edoardo Gabbriellini ed Eleonora Marangoni and one made up of students. The special event on Italian cinema this year pays homage Liliana Cavani, among the most important European directors, of which all the films for cinema will be screened, accompanied by a round table, a publication, and the world preview of the restoration of beyond Good and Evil. After the success of last year, the concert in Piazza del Popolo also returns, of which it will be the protagonist N.A.I.P. that will soundtrack the films of the avant-garde of the 1920s. Also in the square there will be a series of unmissable screenings, starting with the opening film Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Ark lost 40 years after its release which will be presented by Gabriele Mainetti, the ‘5 star’ films by Paolo Mereghetti and Piera Detassis, that is Midnight in Paris eThe Mass is over, and the closing to remember 50 years of Death in Venice with the documentary The Most Beautiful Boy in the World, which traces the life of the interpreter of the iconic Tadzio. The screen on the beach is also back to enjoy 35mm films a stone’s throw from the sea with eight films that pay homage to the centenary of the birth of Giulietta Masina. Sala Pasolini, appointed to accommodate the more experimental sections of the festival, will instead be dedicated to the project Open Access Cinema which explores the possibilities that the web offers to cinema, through the eyes of 5 curators and an ebook created for the occasion. It reaches its seventh edition Italian Animators Today, an exhibition dedicated to local animation, which also includes the personal Magda Guidi e Michele Bernardi. Vedomusica it is instead a new section that will present the best 20 Italian music videos of the year and a personal one on UOLLI. He then sees the darkness of the room for the first time Finite Rants, the Fondazione Prada project dedicated to artist portraits. The blank space will host the installation and screenings by Morgan Menegazzo and Mariachiara Pernisa, while the hall of the Cinema Astra, where all the meetings and debates will take place, will also be the center of The image and its double, two events that will compare eight female producers who make films in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. Two special screenings: the Italian preview of The light, the first ‘solo’ feature film by the young Roman director Samuele Sestieri, e It’s still you by Chiara Caterina with the collaboration of the choreographer Francesco Marilungo. Space also for militancy with the rediscovery, 50 years after that experience, of the adventurous films shot by Militant Cinema Collective from Milan. This year then Emergency becomes an official Charity partner and for the occasion will present Capitan Didier by Margherita Ferri. Finally, there will also be space to pay homage to the documentary maker Cecilia Mangini and to the screenwriter Bruno Cesari.

The exhibition is more and more green, promoting walking and providing bicycles to its guests; also in this sense the Pesaro Film Festival Circus, a cinema village designed for children with workshops and workshops, which will be accompanied by projections dedicated to them. Starting with the animation of Away of Gints Zilbalodis and of The journey of the Prince by Jean-François Laguionie and Xavier Picard, the latter screened in Piazza del Popolo (to be released in theaters with PFA-Films).

There are also four projects designed for training and for young people: (Re) montages, the first competition of video essay, the Pesaro New Cinema Award for the new film critic, the project in collaboration with INDIRE for film training in schools The school on the screen and the inauguration of theHistorical archive of the Exhibition, recognized this year as of profound historical interest. Finally, two collaborations: one with the auteur cinema platform MUBI and the other with the Bolognese review Theaters of Life. ]

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