How did the vaccination campaign against Covid in Italy go in the last week

How did the vaccination campaign against Covid in Italy go in the last week
How did the vaccination campaign against Covid in Italy go in the last week

In the last week, another 4,346,582 doses of anti-Covid vaccines arrived in Italy, with a national average of administrations compared to deliveries of over 91%. In the last seven days, the daily average is about half a million inoculated vials per day, 491,845 to be precise. Yesterday 550,000 were administered. These are the data of the government weekly report on the progress of the coronavirus vaccination campaign, which photographed the doses delivered and those inoculated in the last seven days in Italy. Let’s see what emerged.

In short, the vaccination campaign is proceeding rapidly also this week (also considering the presence of an extra holiday) and the percentages of vaccinated population they grow more and more. As reported by the government’s weekly report on the progress of the immunization plan, the categories most at risk have now been almost completely protected. Here are the numbers that in the brackets underline the growth compared to the previous week:

First administrations

  • 60 – 69: 72,61% (+10,5)
  • 70 – 79: 83,52% (+1,75)
  • Over 80: 90,96% (+0,6)


  • 60 – 69: 28,81% (+10,2)
  • 70 – 79: 36,14% (+3,8)
  • Over 80: 82,58% (+1,2)

To date, Friday 4 June, they have been administered in total 36,804,386 vaccine doses anti-Covid. The people fully vaccinated, that is, who received both the first dose and the booster are 12,676,688. As we have said, the average of inoculated doses, compared to those delivered and therefore available, is 91.7% at the national level, with some differences at the regional level. 214,499 of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, 266,496 of AstraZeneca, 292,840 of Moderna and 1,475,496 of Pfizer BioNTech were administered.

According to Agenas, Italy would be al sixth place among the countries of the European Union by number of administrations per 100 inhabitants. The Italian percentage, to be precise, would be 61.02%, higher than that recorded by both France and Spain. In terms of fully vaccinated citizens, on the other hand, Italy ranks second in the EU, second only to Germany.

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