Recruitment Decree, will also be hired without competition. LinkedIn model

In the afternoon awaited the cabinet, between 16.30 and 17, with the aim of launch the third element of the triptych governance, simplification, recruitment. In this regard, the Minister of the PA Renato Brunetta Talks about 40 reforms functional to the management of the Recovery fund. And he warns: “If we do not carry out the entire package of 40 reforms within the established time frame, the contract with Europe Pnrr is torn up, we will not have a euro and we will probably not be able to spend the other 30 billion nationals either ”. He would have said this by speaking on video link at the Trento Festival of Economics.

How will the recruitment take place?

The method of recruitment we anticipated them in a previous article. Sources Adnkronos report that 3 channels will be activated: i competitions for fixed-term hiring; the conferment of assignments to professionals on the LinkedIn model; the recruitment of high specializations, such as the Ph.D. Assumptions that will expire at the latest in 2026.

A recruitment, therefore, which will not only depend on the competition machine, simplified in itself by the same Minister of Public Administration Brunetta, but also on direct recruitment based on the curriculum (LinkedIn model) and qualifications (doctorate model).

In particular, direct custody seems to have created discontent, as the site warns Republic. In fact, it seems that there are more than one drafts of the decree in circulation, also due to the lack of unanimous agreement on the methods of recruitment. But Minister Brunetta defends his own proposals and presses: these assumptions “favor those with a specialization suitable for the position put in the competition”, but according to the Cinquestelle “it cuts the wings to the legitimate expectations of young people who propose themselves as effective ‘fresh forces’ for the Public Administration of today and tomorrow “.

The numbers of hiring

According to draft decree anticipated by the main agencies with the provision, it should exceed 24 thousand full-term hires, between now and 2026: 1000 to support local authorities “in managing complex procedures”; 268 to the digital transition; 67 to the Agid; 16,500 to the trial office and 5,410 administrative staff to justice.

The draft of the decree

The draft decree mentioned by Adnkronos would involve the following cornerstones:

  • Up to 24 thousand fixed-term hires;
  • Recruitment for Pnrr projects;
  • Hires over 36 months but stop by 2026;
  • Stop assignment if objectives are not achieved;
  • Apprenticeship in public administration for graduates and university students;
  • For financial reporting in the administrations assigned to Pnrr projects, the draft provides for 500 temporary hires of profiles ranging from engineers to mathematicians and computer scientists;
  • Recruitment of a total contingent of five hundred fixed-term non-executive personnel for a period of even more than thirty-six months, to be classified in the economic, legal, IT, statistical-mathematical, engineering and management professional profiles.


Recruitment Decree hired competition LinkedIn model

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