“We need the economic boom, not landings, apply my method” – Libero Quotidiano

“We need the economic boom, not landings, apply my method” – Libero Quotidiano
“We need the economic boom, not landings, apply my method” – Libero Quotidiano

Matteo Salvini in a press point in Rome he returns to the problem that afflicts Italy: uncontrolled landings. The leader of the League, after having repeatedly recalled Mario Draghi, launched an appeal to his successor as well as Minister of the Interior of his own government: “The Danish executive and parliament have approved the rule for asylum seekers to stay in the countries of departure – he said, also recalling that Germany has approved a norm for which whoever lands in Italy stays in Italy – so I expect that Luciana Lamorgese apply policies to Salvini, ie controls who disembarks and who does not disembark“. The number one of the Northern League reminds us that the country needs” an economic boom summer for tourism, not with the boom in tourist arrivals that we pay for. So I hope that after the other European countries they realize that we have to do it alone and do well “.

Hence the thought immediately goes to Enrico Letta. With the secretary of the Democratic Party, everything except good blood flows, thanks to the opposite political vision: “With regard to the referendums on justice, I am not surprised that Letta disagrees. Letta probably has not read the texts of the referendums, it is probably more committed to control its internal currents because the texts of the referendums have nothing to do with the reforms that we support and will support in Parliament “. It wasn’t long before the dem was brought back down to earth by his own comrades:” The senator responded well to Letta Marcucci and Mr Bettini who said that referendums are a useful tool and to be supported. So I leave the Pd debate to the Democratic Party “, he said in a short cut.

Finally, the situation of the center-right, taken by the impasse over the names of the candidates for Milan and Rome. “We will choose the best candidates possible. I met both Matone and Michetti and I have an excellent opinion of both. They know Rome, they love Rome and have clear ideas. “But formalization still seems a long way off.

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