Cartabia: “Here’s what the justice reform will look like”

Cartabia: “Here’s what the justice reform will look like”
Cartabia: “Here’s what the justice reform will look like”

“Something has gone wrong in the relationship between the judiciary and the people, in whose name the judiciary exercises. It is urgently necessary to rebuild it”. This is the warning issued by the Minister of Justice, Marta Cartabia, during the meeting that is taking place remotely with the majority group leaders in the House Justice Committee on the reform of the CSM and the judiciary. “And it is a dutiful recognition to the work of the vast majority of magistrates, who strive, with professionalism and reserve, to carry out one of the most delicate, complex and important functions”, added the member of the government.

La Cartabia opened the meeting by stressing that the reform of the sort is “a much awaited chapter. The public and academic debate has been mature for some time and certainly the news events, which have concerned the judiciary in the most recent months, have made interventions in this area postponable and more urgent”. The minister then explained that the issues of the independence of the judiciary and the “real respect for the ‘rule of law’ are crossing the whole EU in different contexts, they have long since taken the stage in the constitutional and institutional debate in the EU. Different contexts, but all aim at the one goal that worries us the most: the need for the judiciary to always operate, in fact and in the perception of public opinion, on solid bases of independence “. A requirement that the minister highlights to be “increasingly urgent in recent years for many reasons “.

During the meeting, Cartabia quoted the words spoken on May 23 by the Head of State, Sergio Mattarella, from the bunker hall in Palermo on the anniversary of the Capaci massacre and then affirmed that the reforms that the ministry has asked for are aimed at the purpose “so heartily expressed by the President of the Republic: trust and credibility in magistrates are objectives, which we cannot miss”. The minister admitted that this is the concern that “animates me more than anything”. Then the passage on that something that has failed in the relationship between the judiciary and the people “In whose people the judiciary exercises”. A report, added the member el government, that “it urgently needs to be rebuilt”.

The minister recalled that the ingredients of the reform are i “cornerstones of Constitution: independence, impartial exercise, efficiency “. At the same time, the Cartabia highlighted that the distrust of citizens also passes through the “Unsustainable long times of the justice response”. The Keeper then quoted Giovanni Falcone: “Autonomy and independence of the judiciary, which are not combined with the efficiency of the service, are caste privileges and are not understood by society”. “The magistrate– he continued- it must be autonomous, independent and efficient. The judge is called to render a service, to respond to problems that are always burning for citizens and this cannot be lost sight of, in an attempt to improve the relationship of trust with citizens “ . And on this, the Cartabia finally assured, “we’re busy”.


Cartabia Heres justice reform

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