Paderno Dugnano (Mi), who died as a three-year-old child invested in a 72-year-old driver’s park without a license

He did not make it Hipolito Lyam, the three-year-old boy hit by a car last Wednesday in the Cava Nord park of Paderno Dugnano. After more than two days of agony, he died in the late afternoon at the Pope John XXIII hospital where he was hospitalized in desperate conditions. The autopsy is scheduled for Saturday.

His investor is a 72-year-old man, Salvatore D’Amico, a pensioner who, according to what was reconstructed by the carabinieri coordinated by the Monza prosecutor’s office, had never obtained a driving license.

Paderno Dugnano

Car crashes into the North Lake Park and overwhelms a three-year-old child: very serious. The 72-year-old driver never got a license

02 June 2021

The man, accused so far of very serious injuries, therefore becomes under investigation for murder as well as for driving without a license. According to the military reconstruction, the man had broken through the road protection barrier and fell into the park, overwhelming the child.

This is not his first serious accident caused by his wretched driving. Just a month ago at the wheel of his car – in which he was sleeping – he had run over three pedestrians and tried to escape. His records for property crimes and drug possession are older.

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