The Chivasso bakery remains closed, the appeal to the judges rejected

Chivasso’s rebellious tortery of denier aperitifs remains closed. This was decided by the review court, which agreed with the chief prosecutor Giuseppe Ferrando, considering the protection of the health of all as prevalent against the right to work. At the hearing for the release from seizure of the rebel torteria in Chivasso, the defense of the owner Rosanna Spataro (Avvicato Riccardo Fusillo) had in fact tried to appeal to the community legislation and to the constitutional principles that protect the rights relating to the freedom of business and work.

Chivasso’s rebel bakery, the owner speaks: “As an Indian nun, I fight for civil rights”

by Federica Cravero

08 May 2021

The chief prosecutor Giuseppe Ferrando had instead explained to the judge the reasons that had led to the decision to seize the premises, on 6 May 2021, also citing various decisions relating to the anti-covid Dpcm, while outside the Palace of Justice a solidarity banner had been hung in front of the entrance: “I am Rosanna Spataro, art.1 right to work” it was written.

Torteria, after the rebellion the fines rain down: 300 minutes arriving to the no mask deniers

by Carlotta Rocci

May 22, 2021

After all, the solidarity towards the owner of the tavern had been great. For days protests had gone on in front of the room where many, without masks, rebelled against the anti Covid provisions. But the court of liberty found the reasons that led the carabinieri to seal the premises to be correct.

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