In Rome “Powerful”, the personal exhibition of Giampiero Malgioglio

Friday 4 June 2021 – 12:51

In Rome “Powerful”, the personal exhibition of Giampiero Malgioglio

From June 16 at Galleria SpazioCima from pop icons to Banksy

Rome, June 4 (askanews) – The solo exhibition “Powerfull – The pop extroflection of an idea of ​​being” will start on Wednesday 16 June, until Friday 25 June, at Galleria SpazioCima in Rome, with the works of Giampiero Malgioglio. The exhibition, curated by Arianna Forni and organized by Roberta Cima, is free to enter and can be visited from Monday to Thursday (3:30 pm to 7:30 pm).

Giampiero Malgioglio draws on the great icons of pop culture, the great logos of our daily life, the fruits of global marketing: from Apple’s apple to Batman’s bat, from Coca Cola bottles to the very Italian Vespa. The great images, the most powerful, of the collective imagination come to life through a new point of view, which approaches the viewer in an overbearing and extraordinary way, offering new emotions and new food for thought. There are also many references to the world of art and culture, from Banksy’s Little Girl with a Balloon to the shot by Iain Macmillan who immortalizes the Beatles in Abbey Road, Liverpool.

“We are victims of advertising masochism, repeated commercials, slogans, unforgettable jingles – explained Arianna Forni in her critical text – everything resounds in the mind, everything plagiarizes us, making us a unique mass of similar individuals. Here it is. Let’s stop. Let’s do it in front of that Apple, Coca Cola or his Batman, we observe from the outside that icon that has made us slaves, only in this way will we be able to recover our human capacity to discern. None of us can ever be a superhero, none of us can ever be a brand, all of us, however, are able to stand out thanks to our peculiarities. Through his works we will not only see the technical genius with which they are made, but the intellectual genius through which he created his icon by extrapolating it from that repeated continuum, over and over. Our future is us, it is our concentration on the uniqueness of what we are and, without a doubt, we will be ”.


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Rome Powerful personal exhibition Giampiero Malgioglio

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