“The cabin was traveling too low” – Corriere.it

“The cabin was traveling too low” – Corriere.it
“The cabin was traveling too low” – Corriere.it

“I was taking a walk with a couple of friends on the path that leads to the Mottarone, I had almost reached the arrival of the cable car, just below the station. I turned around to take some photos and saw the cabin that was climbing slowly slowly… Since I often do this path, I had already seen the cabin on arrival. But this time I noticed an oddity: it was too low compared to usual. And so I alerted my friend Marianna, telling her to move. then I saw the cabin enter the station and about 30 seconds later I heard a rustle, like a pulley coming down quickly, a sharp metallic noise ». Marcella Pepice was right there, on the verge of breaking, on the morning of the disaster.

The questions

The alert to the friend was actually a scream, says the other who was with them, due to the fact that the cabin had it on his head. What was happening at the cable car? Are they just suggestions? The investigators will try to understand this with their consultant, Professor Giorgio Chiandussi, even if two experts in ropeways call for caution: “The height of the cabin is not determined by the broken rope but by the load-bearing one, which has remained intact , at least so it seems ». A third, on the other hand, gives weight to the testimony: “Perhaps the tractor was fraying.” The confrontation is open.
And always from that trio of hikers comes a story considered important and deposited in the proceedings. That of Marianna’s husband, Renzo Libanoro: «After a while I heard a very loud and strange noise, it resembled a whip. It lasted about five seconds. I was able to see un steel cable that had come off … The final part was connected to something about half a meter in size ». Was it perhaps the so-called fused head, that is, the terminal part of the rope where the detachment seems to have occurred?

Disaster of the cable car, the latest news

“Cab at risk of deterioration”

All matter by engineers and experts. And speaking of appraisals, yesterday the lawyer Marcello Perillo, defender of the main suspect, the head of the cable car service Gabriele Tadini, asked the investigating judge, Donatella Banci Buonamici, for a probative incident to crystallize the evidence on the reasons for the failure of the cable: ” Primary cause of the fall of the cable car », he writes in three pages where there is no shortage of pricks:« 11 days have already passed since the accident, it is a wooded clearing of free access ».
It means that there is a risk that the test will be altered by time and by man, “given the passage of people, even non-experts”. Onlookers and journalists. “Degradation means the loss of details useful for understanding the failure,” adds Professor Andrea Gruttadauria, expert in metal engineering, appointed consultant by Tadini’s defense. “I will not oppose it,” says the lawyer Pasquale Pantano, defender of Luigi Nerini.

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