White tram for Carla Fracci: the homage of Milan

White tram for Carla Fracci in Milan, to remember the great dancer who has just passed away. The proposal came from the Mayor of Milan Beppe Sala at Atm. Line 1 will be the one that will be destined to remember it. The white tram will pass right in front of the Teatro alla Scala and will be a tribute to her and her father, who drove that line during his work as a tram driver.

White tram for Carla Fracci: the homage of Milan

How could the city of Milan not pay homage to the world famous dancer who will go down in history for centuries to come. Carla Fracci, known to everyone and just passed away, will be remembered by an all-white tram that will pass right in front of the Teatro alla Scala that launched her into the world of dance.

A white tram

Why was a tram chosen to remember her? Carla Fracci was the daughter of a Milanese tram driver, Luigi Fracci. The tram will be completely white to remember the way of dressing of the étoile della Scala.

“I think it’s a very Milanese way of remembering you, sober and which reaffirms our values ​​and our qualities. Values ​​and qualities that you, the proud daughter of a tram driver, have brought to the world. Thanks on behalf of all the Milanese and all the Milanese. ” Beppe Sala said.

The homage of the tram drivers of Milan

To remember her and pay tribute to her on May 28, in front of the funeral home set up at the Teatro alla Scala, the tram drivers of Milan stopped Line 1 and rang the bell for a minute. The gesture is taken up by the habit of his father Luigi who rang the bell every time he passed in front of the theater, which is and will remain inextricably linked to his daughter’s name.


White tram Carla Fracci homage Milan

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