who are the five victims of the dramatic accident

who are the five victims of the dramatic accident
who are the five victims of the dramatic accident

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04 June 2021 08:43

The men aboard the Fiat Doblò all died instantly, after it crashed yesterday afternoon into a truck stopped on the A21 motorway, ending up under the trailer. There would be no signs of braking on the asphalt: the driver may not have noticed the slowdowns already underway on the motorway section. But the dynamics are still being examined by the investigators, who have seized the vehicles involved.

Who the victims were

They were on their way home after a day on the construction sites. They all worked for a construction company. Four of them lived in the province of Brescia, one in the province of Bergamo: among the victims of Brescia, the 40-year-old Simone Abeni, resident in Colombaro di Corte Franca; then Maurizio Signoroni, 55 years of Adro and Bruno Bacchi, 67 years and again of Adro, the “veteran” of the group, who was close to retirement. Together with them two Moroccans, aged 40 and 51: the first lived in Castrezzato, the second in Covo, in the Bergamo area.

Polstrada investigations: no signs of braking

Several hypotheses are being examined by the Polstrada: among the most accredited that the driver may have had an illness, or that he has fallen asleep while driving. The fact is, as mentioned, that there would be no braking signs: the van crashed at speed with the heavy vehicle, remaining completely destroyed. The injured were rescued but there was nothing to be done.

The road section was closed to traffic for hours, almost until late in the evening, to allow rescue and safety operations. No one else was injured, no other means involved. The queues and slowdowns would have formed due to another accident, a few kilometers ahead, a rear-end collision without injuries.


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